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5 Reasons to Visit the Cinque Terre

5 Reasons to Visit the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is my favorite spot in Italy to date.  No one in my family wanted to go and I really had to put my foot down and insist on going to make it happen.  Visiting, the Cinque Terre was totally worth in, and ended up being our favorite place in Italy.

1. The Cinque Terre is beautiful

The Cinque Terre is a compilation of 5 individual villages that are nestled on cliffs next to the sea.  There is an ancient foot path that connects the 5 towns.   Due to their location, these villages are only accessible by train, foot, or boat. Very few cars have access to the towns.  The houses are painted an array of bright colors which contrast with the sea and the surrounding olive groves and citrus orchards.  It really is breathtaking.

2. Hiking the Cinque Terre Trail

So, everyone knows that I love to hike.  That was my initial reason for going to the Cinque Terre.  Like I said, you can get there by boat or train, but I really think you are missing out if you don’t at least hike a portion of the trail.   We took the train into the Cinque Terre from La Spezia.  You then pick one of the 5 towns to get off at and away you go.  Once you get off the train, you walk down a short foot path to one of the towns and then look for the signs pointing to the trail.  It is important to make sure to get your tickets to hike the trail in La Spezia.  

The Cinque Terre trail picks up in any of the 5 villages.  It is between 2-4 miles between each one.  The trail is well maintained and has gradual inclines and declines.   I would say that overall it is a moderate hike that can easily be accomplished in a day.  If you are only traveling between 2 towns, you could do it in a few hours.  

3. Vernazza and Corniglia

Vernazza and Corniglia were our town favorite towns in the Cinque Terre.  Corniglia was so quaint and charming.  It had a great view of the sea.  It was perched on a beautiful cliff high above the Mediterranean and we really loved it. 

Vernazza has a larger beach and was a bigger town.  It was pretty busy.  We really loved all of the ally’s and side streets of Vernazza.  There were lots of little kids playing soccer in the street and lots of tourists on the beach.  I think if we ever stayed in one of the 5 villages; it would be Vernazza.

4. The Gelato

Gelato is on every corner in Italy.  We probably ate gelato at least 15 times during our 4 days in Italy.  We had some good gelato in Rome.  However, the best that we had was in the Cinque Terre.   There were several little shops to choose from, but we choose one in Corniglia.  It was unbelievable.  They made the gelato there and their flavors were so unusual.  Nate had fig and balsamic gelato  which was so unusual and delicious.  I had pistachio, which I always get.  However, the flavor was amazing. My oldest son Jackson had lemon.  It was made from lemons grown in Corniglia and it was seriously one of the best things that I have ever eaten.  If you go to the Cinque Terre, you must eat gelato.

5. The Sea

This part of Italy is SO beautiful.  I think it is its proximity to the sea.  You see it around every corner and it is the most beautiful shade of blue.  You can tell that in the Cinque Terre, they are so connected to the ocean.  Everything is centered on it.  I loved all of the fishing boats lined up on the beach and seeing the fresh fish in the restaurants.  If you go, take a boat there, lay on the beach and swim in the ocean.  It is part of the experience and you will love it.


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