Airlines At A Glance

American Airlines

Jen and I both really love American Airlines. It is our airline of choice when flying internationally, or within the continental US. Phoenix is a hub for American, which allows them to offer the largest number of flights, with the most variety. We also have been so pleased with their customer service, as well as their crews, and planes. If we ever have a problem, they try to rectify it quickly, and are so courteous during the process. Here is American at a Glance…

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is my #1 choice when I need flexibility with a flight.  My son is in the US Army, and scheduling to see him can often be tricky due to constant changes from his Unit.  With Southwest, you can change a flight even on the day of your scheduled travel with no change fees, just payment on any increased fare, and  2 Bags always Fly free which I love!!

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