Southwest Airlines

No Assigned Seats, Board by Groups and Numbers, 24 hr. advanced check in available.
The earlier you check in, the better your boarding position

Early Bird Check In
You can pay $15.00 for Pre Check, Southwest will automatically check you in. This Assures you a good boarding position.

Side Note: Customers who have purchased the Business Select fare tickets listed below do not need to select the Early Bird check in option because priority boarding privileges are already included. Also, if you purchase an Unaccompanied Minor fare, you should not purchase this option because unaccompanied minors pre-board the flight ahead of passengers in general boarding.

Ticket Options

Business Select…. Guarantees you a seat in boarding position A 1-15

These can be bought online after your original ticket purchase, or purchased at the airport for $40.00 (if you forgot to check in and have a horrible boarding position, you can purchase any remaining business select, and be bumped up to a A 1-15 boarding position. They do sell out so get to the airport at least an hour early to be sure to get one.

Business Select is also fully refundable, and offers standby with no fees.

Anytime… Fully refundable

you can change your ticket anytime without penalties **this must be done 10 minutes prior to when boarding for your flight begins.

you can fly standby without fees

Wanna Get Away…
+low fare for the casual traveler

you can change your ticket without fees

Not refundable but the entire purchase price can be used toward another flight, at another time if you need to cancel. This change must be done at least 10 minutes prior to boarding to not forfeit the funds.

All changed flights are good for up to 12 months of the original flight and must be used by the same passenger.

Southwest allows you to check in at the counter 3 hours to 30 minutes before your flight

You must check bags 60 minutes prior to your flight, to assure they get on the same plane as you!

Southwest allows:
2 free checked bags up to 50 lbs each and 62”

Overweight items are +51lbs to 100lbs
Oversized items are in excess of 62” but no more than 80”
Fee amount for overage? $75.00 (Pack an extra Empty bag if you are going to shop!!) Southwest offers complimentary drinks and snacks during flight.


The thing I learned from researching and really understanding SW Airlines is….. If you get a bad boarding position, and you will be on a long flight, you want to sit by the people you are traveling with, and don’t want a middle seat, UPGRADE FOR $40 AND GET A BOARDING POSITION IN A 1-15!!

You get 2 free checked bags. Pack one, add a second empty duffle in and bring home your shopping. Don’t go over in weight it will cost you $75.00

Southwest is so great if your plans may change!! You can move your flights around, and have no hidden fees doing it. You only pay if there is an increase in your flight price, if there is a decrease you will get a credit!! 

Pay the $15 Early Bird check in when booking. Its worth not having the stress of checking in, or the cost of  $40 if you forget!