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Alaska Top 5… and Jen’s Itinerary

Alaska Top 5

  1. Mike Seavey’s Iditarod Dog Sled Ride– Due to our inability to plan ahead because of my Son’s schedule, we combed the internet for things to do, and this was one that had a time slot we could fill.  It also turned out to be one of my favorites.  We rode on a buggy pulled by champion Iditarod Dogs, we learned about the race and its history, my kids got to put on race gear, and we played with puppies.  The puppies alone made for a great day!!!  We are officially Iditarod Fans!
  2. Fishing out of Seward, Alaska- First, I loved Seward.  It was everything I had pictured in my mind for an Alaskan Fishing town.  There were a lot of people staying in Seward, but I never felt crowded or overrun.   We chartered a full day Salmon, Halibut trip.  We used Alaskan Coastal Explorer.  Jason, our Captain spent his day making sure we caught fish, and that everyone on our boat reached their fish limits.  The day could not have been better.  (wear rain gear, make sure you have on rain boots, and dress warm.  Don’t forget snacks, water, and a lunch)
  3. Fishing in the Kenai River–  I was dying to get in the River, in Waders, and do some true Alaskan Fishing.  I did not have a guide, and did not catch a thing, but it was so fun!! I recommend a guide to show you the correct way to fly fish, and waders with the boots attached, It makes all the difference for staying warm and dry!!
  4. Flying with Rust’s Flying Service–  This was an experience for the books!!!  I hate to fly in small planes, but my whole family wanted to go so I sucked it up, and joined them.  Omar, our Pilot, put me right beside him in the front. He talked me through the whole trip, and definitely put my mind at ease. I  cannot even begin to tell you the beauty of what we saw.  It was truly unbelievable.  We flew the Denali Glacier Landing trip.  Seeing the Glacier from above was so interesting, and so stunning!!!  We saw Mt. McKinley, and the base camp to climbers, which was so cool!!  I can say, I would totally do it again, as long as Omar kept me in his “bring em back alive club”!
  5. Our Minnie Winnie–  I am not an RV girl, Ok, I wasn’t an RV girl, until Alaska.  The convenience of being able to pick up and go at anytime, the ease of having food, and all our belongings with us all the time, and the closeness of my kids to me, made this whole RV deal my favorite.  I will forever cherish all the cards we played, movies we watched, and conversations we had as we traveled, slept, ate, and hung out together in the Minnie Winnie.  Not everywhere is an RV trip, but in Alaska, its truly the way to go!!!  Use Great Alaskan Holidays  for your RV.  They have the newest, and most reliable RVs, plus excellent customer service.  In Alaskan, they are the #1 choice.  (PS, they sell out, book ahead of time!!!)

Alaska is a huge part of our families story. My husband was born there, and now my Son lives there. I was reluctant to visit, but a truth I have grown to know, rang true in the State of Alaska. Your happiness is measured by only you. I did not even consider that Alaska could be one of my favorite places. It is cold, and doesn’t really have a beach I want to visit. What it did have, was breathtaking views, clean, crisp air, and wildlife that was so fun to see.  It also history, my husbands beginning, my Sons new beginning, and a piece of my heart forever. Alaska is an amazing place to visit with endless things to do. Bring a jacket, and book a fishing trip. You will be so happy you did!!

Alaska Itinerary

Anchorage, Alaska 

Stayed at

The Lakefront Lodge: I love this place. The lobby itself is amazing. This hotel is close to the Airport, sits on Lake Hood, and gives you the ability to sit on a patio, eat great food, and watch the float planes take take off, and land. We didn’t make the happy hour, but it was packed with happy people, and great looking food. It is on my list of places to eat when in Anchorage next time.  The Rooms were clean, updated, and the beds were comfortable.  

The next morning we picked up our 32 Foot Great Alaskan RV, @ Great Alaskan Holidays

We stayed in Anchorage at Ft. Richardson. (If you are Military, it is a great place to be. The RV Park was beautiful, had bears and F22s flying overhead for endless entertainment:)

A few of my favorite places to eat in Anchorage: (for Trip Advisors Recommendations, click here)

Seven Glaciers

Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria

And Favorite things to do

Rusts flying service


Fishing in the Rivers

Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska. This place was my favorite. It is a small fishing town with all the charm you would imagine it to have. Seward felt a little less crowded than other areas we were in, but with that said, all RV parks and hook ups were reserved. If you think you might go, reserve a spot!

Alaska Coastal Explorer Fishing Charter

Stop at The Fish House to get all your gear. (We brought all ours home knowing we would be going back.   Or try  Goodwill in Anchorage for used gear you can toss after you use!

Ray’s Waterfront Restaurant & Reds were our two favorite restaurants.  Here are a bunch more...

Buy all your fishing gear here, and you can get a fishing license.  (Goodwill is another great place to get rain Gear cheap!)


We stayed at Edgewater RV Park. It was ok.  It felt a little cramped, and didn’t offer any spaces directly on the water. It did have clean showers, but there was a fee to use them. 

We ate at:
St. Elias Brewing Company.

Buckets Sports Grill


St. Elias Brewing Company was my favorite.  Their pizza was amazing!!

Fish the Kenai:  In Soldotna there were fishermen everywhere with waders on doing their best to hook a salmon. I didn’t hook a anything, but I had a great time putting on my sons waders, and taking on the river, for a chance to hook a fish!

Homer, Alaska

We took a day trip to Homer, also known as the Spit.

The places to stop along the way can keep you busy for hours, as the views are breathtaking. The actual Spit was bumper to bumper RVs, and very crowded. We strolled through the shops, took a peek in the famous, Dog Saloon, and ate some delicious ice cream in the freezing rain.

There were countless boats bringing in fishing charters with hundreds of pounds of Salmon and Halibut. Homer is known as the best place to fish, and an option if you don’t want to fish out of Seward.

Stop At

Along the road down to Homer, you will see a Russian village off to the right side. There is a gorgeous little church, and cemetery that are fascinating and worth a stop to explore.

A few Places to Stop while Driving around the Kenai Peninsula

Wildlife Park
Aleyska Skii Resort
Panning for Gold
Mike Seavey’s Iditarod Dog Sled Ride.

If you are the adventurous type and looking for a preplanned trip to Alaska, Backroad Adventures might be for you. I saw them while at the Animal park, and was blown away by their picnic lunch, and the service they provided to their guests. Check them out to get an idea of what they are all about. I really want to go on on of their trips!

Alaska is a place you can visit over and over again.  There is so much to do, and it is so beautiful you will find yourself longing for your vacation to never end.  Lalani’s trip and mine were very different, for her itinerary click here.

We hope you have the best time and fall in love with Alaska like we did!!






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