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Arizona’s Beach

Jen says…
I have been going to Rocky Point since I was a teenager. I have watched Sandy Beach (the area with most of the Resorts) start to grow and develop, and then crash again.

As I prepare for Cuba, I realize that like them, Rocky Point is essentially frozen in time. So much of their ability to grow, depends on our ability to travel to their area. There have been years where things were good in the US, and the effects were felt in their economy, but there have also been years of hardship in the US, and those have also had a major impact upon the Mexican Government, and the Rocky Point Area. As you drive in you will see large, beautiful resorts, and you will also see many more buildings unfinished, and tragically falling down. It seems as if things have not changed much for the last 5 years.

Setting aside the fact that I love the people, and want the area to do well for them, Rocky Point really does have a lot to offer. Due to our overseas travel schedule for work, sometimes we are looking for a beautiful, inexpensive, easy, and fun place to take our kids to get away and hit the beach. Rocky Point is exactly this!

Here are my reasons why you should go…

*The water is warm!!
Max: 22.1°C / 71.7°F, Avg: 19.3°C / 66.8°F, Min: 16.2°C / 61.2°F

I love California, but never do you find me in the water, its to dang cold. Rocky Point is a place where your kids will literally get in, and will not come back out because they are cold. It is refreshing, and so clear, and truly one of my favorite beaches to go to.

*The prices are great!

Most of the Rocky Point resorts are time share owned. Because of this you book rooms mainly through https://www.airbnb.com , or https://www.vrbo.com. You can also search each resort, or the location, and find other opportunities to rent. The prices are dramatically less than California, and because its individual owners, you can sometimes negotiate the rate if its an off peak time for them.

There is also a campground that many of our friends stay in. It provides hook ups for trailers and motorhomes and is located on the beach which is a win!! It is also about 1/3 of the cost of campgrounds in the US.

*Bring your own food and toys!!

I grew up on meat and potatoes, and because of that, I am not a very adventurous eater. I have gotten better over the years, but I love Rocky Point because I can bring my own food. Due to the fact its a driving destination, you can pack anything you have room for. To save on cost, we bring all breakfast, lunch supplies and snacks with us. This leaves tacos for dinner, and any other yummy food we happen upon in town.

We also pack paddle boards, sand toys, boogie boards and chairs. This covers a few activities and doesn’t cost a penny!

*It’s a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive!

It’s quick. To get there from Phoenix, or the Gilbert, Mesa area in AZ, its a quick drive. They do have an international airport, but as of now it only accommodates private planes. They hope that will someday change. It is an international airport, it just needs the planes to come in!

*Bring friends!!!

Because of the great prices, driving distance, and warm water, it is our favorite place to go with friends. Over our spring, and fall breaks, we have sometimes had up to 8-10 families with so many kids, mine were in heaven.

The beaches have jet skis for rent, banana boat rides for $5.00 a person, horse rides, etc. There is endless things to do all day, and great friends to do them with!

Never once have the words “I am bored” come out of my kiddos mouths when we are at the beach with 50 people!!

I can literally go on, and on about reasons I love to go, but I will address the hangup that sometimes keeps me out.

When you cross the border, and into the town of Sonoyta, it can be a little sketchy. You are faced with an area that is desperate for American dollars. During this part, over the years, we have run into being pulled over for traffic violations that we have not done.

We have had to pay money in random amounts (usually about $40.00) to continue on with our trip. Looking back never have they kept us, or thrown us in a cell. Was I nervous, YES, 100%, but I’m also nervous when I am pulled over at home.

During this media trip I was able to see it from a different perspective. Essentially they do not mail tickets, so you are forced to pay on the spot. Yes, most of the time the violations are not warranted, but I know false violations are ticketed in the US also. The key is to be prepared.

I was excited for this trip and the ability to address the concerns I have had for many years over the border crossing . I feel like we definitely made some head way, and even traveling as just a car full of girls, did not feel one ounce of fear. We obeyed all traffic stops, drove the KM speed limit, and experienced not one problem.

I hope that as this week goes on and we provide information regarding the area, that if you do not go, you will reconsider. It really is Arizona’s beach. I love it, and I hope that their economy will be able to improve, and better the lives of the many people who live there.

Loves, Jen. 

Lalani says…
Jen and I went to Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point last weekend as part of a media trip hosted by the Tourism Board of Rocky Point in conjunction with OH Advertising. They are promoting their campaign called; “Arizona’s Beach”. Jen has been to Rocky Point many, many times over the years, but I was a first timer.

Rocky Point is located about 3 1/2 hours south of Phoenix in the Mexican State of Sonora on the Sea of Cortez. It is known for its fishing, sandy beaches and beautiful weather. It is also known as an inexpensive place for families to vacation. I could not wait to check it out.

Nate and I have considered going to Rocky Point multiple times over the years, but honestly always decided against it due to safety concerns on the border. Lately, with the promotion of tourism and the rebounding economy, traveling down to Rocky Point has gotten safer. So, when the opportunity came around this time, I decided to take it.

We left Phoenix Thursday after our kids went to school and caravanned down with some of the other people on the trip. Caravanning is always a good idea, and definitely helped to ease my nerves. We waited quite awhile at the border but other than that it was an uneventful and easy trip. We arrived in Rocky Point, and went for lunch at this cute little restaurant called La Casa Del Capitan prior to checking in to our hotel.

We stayed at Las Palomas, which is located on Sandy Beach; along with most of the hotels in Rocky Point. Las Palomas was great. Our room was beautiful and modern and the the pools and grounds were so pretty. It is definitely somewhere that I would go back to with my family. Also, the beach in front of the hotel was fantastic and clean. The water was the perfect temperature and crystal clear. Every morning that we were there, there was low tide and you could walk out among the tide pools down to the ocean. Plus, they sell mangos on the beach. My kids would be in heaven.

The town of Puerto Peñasco was cuter than I expected. It has a little boardwalk area called El Malecón, which has shops and restaurants as well as a cute sea wall and the “Peñasco” sign. The town its self has a Sam’s Club as well as several grocery stores if you need anything while you are there. It also has some great choices for food. We went to the cutest Tapa’s bar called El Tapeo the first evening, they had a great Salsa band that came on around 9pm and the whole vibe of the place was really fun. We also had ah-mazing churros and probably the best chicken I have ever eaten while we were there.

Over all, Jen and I had a really great time. We made great new friends, had some amazing experiences and learned so much about a place that is so close to home. I am a beach girl at heart, and to have one that is just a few hours away is really so amazing. I plan to go to Rocky Point for years to come, and I cannot wait to take my family with me.

*Stay tuned through out the week for more on our trip to Puerto Peñasco. Including, Jen’s opinion of Rocky Point, all of our restaurant recommendations, how to navigate the border and THE most amazing golf course either of us has ever seen… 


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