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Our Favorite Restaurants on Kauai

Our Favorite Kauai Restaurants

Here are our 5 favorite restaurants on Kauai.  This is a mix of family friendly counter restaurants, things that are a little more upscale and a food truck or two.  The one thing they have in common is that we love them all.


Bar Acuda; Hanalei

We LOVE this restaurant and have been coming here for years.  It is a tapas restaurant with a wide variety of fresh local ingredients and flavors.  It is amazing.  This restaurant is pricey but completely worth it.  We have recommended it to so many people and they all love it!!  When you go be sure to get the Local North Shore Honeycomb, the Banderillas Grilled Flank Steak and Seared Hawaiian Fish.  Also, make reservations ahead of time and if there are just two of you try to sit at the chef’s table.  


The Dolphin Fish Market; Hanalei

This is another one of our favorites in Hanalei.  It is behind the Dolphin Restaurant and is just a little store with a walk up counter that sells fresh fish, sushi rolls, sashimi and poke.  Get some sushi and poke and take it down for a picnic at the beach.  It is so fresh and you really can’t go wrong with anything that you choose.



Wailua Shave Ice; Kapa’a

This is the best little shave ice truck located just off the main road in Kapa’a.  One of our favorite things to do is to stop and get shave ice right after we get off the airplane on our way to the North Shore.   The menu changes weekly here and they make all of their own syrup and toppings.  We suggest getting the Coconut 3X.  Its coconut milk, Haupia foam and Roasted Coconut flakes.  If you don’t love coconut choose something else.  



*our other two favorite shave ice trucks are Wishing Well in Hanalei and Tege Tege in Kailua.  You really can’t go wrong with any of these.


Kountry Kitchen; Kapa’a


This is my favorite breakfast restaurant on Kauai.  I love it.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl growing up on Oahu.  My parents love to go out to breakfast and we use to go all the time.  This place has all of my favorites that I remember from the places that I would eat as a child.  Our favorites are; Macadamia Nut Pancakes with Coconut Syrup (these are amazing and as big as your head), Portuguese Sausage (I usually hate sausage, but I love Portuguese Sausage), Papaya with lemon, and Nate loves the Loco Moco.  

*There is not a website for Kountry Kitchen however you can google the address.  Also, there is often a wait, however, they move the tables pretty quickly.  



Hamura Saimin Stand; Lihue


Hamura Saimin has been in Lihue for almost 70 years.  This is another place that reminds me of my childhood on Oahu.  It has little Japanese ladies working in the back and the menu is so simple and straightforward.  It feels like time has stopped when you walk in.  Make sure to sit at the counter and order a bowl of regular saimin, 2 beef teriyaki sticks, a Dimond Head soda and a piece of Lilikoi Chiffon pie.  Ask for hot mustard and shoyu  and they will think you are a local.  You will love it!!

*There isn’t a website for Hamura.  You can google the address or look it up on Yelp.





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