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Big Sky Montana… Top 5 Favorites


Hi friends!!  One of the best things about Lalani and I sharing the blog content is that sometimes when it has been a few days, or weeks since I have written a post, I miss it.  I miss telling stories, reminiscing about a place I have been, and sharing a few minutes of my day, with all of you.  It is amazing how Lalani and I feel as if people we have never met, are our friends.  There is a genuine connection between us, and you, that I had no idea would come about, but that I truly love.  So thank you for standing by our sides as we share our passion for travel, and hopefully you will become inspired, and empowered to see the world.  It is an amazing place worth all the effort it takes to go, and see, and do!  

Montana.  That is my subject today, and the lead into next week, and Yellowstone.  I will be honest, Montana was not high on my list of places to go.  I always thought about it as cold, and I avoid cold at all cost!  

In life, I believe we are led to places, and people that we may need, or may need us.  We were truly led to Montana, and while there fell in love with the people and the big sky.

I had always heard the expression “Big Sky Montana” but had no idea what that even meant.  I grew up watching Western Movies with my Dad.  My Dad was the type who didn’t even consider watching cartoons, he watched what he wanted, and if we wanted to watch tv, we joined him.  I am grateful for this.  The love of John Wayne runs deep in my blood, and always helps to keep me a little grounded.  Sometimes I wish life was as black and white, as it seemed in Westerns.  You were good, or bad, no in between.  Good always triumphed over evil, and there was always a form of a happy, just, ending.

In these Westerns, I loved the horses.  Until I was in Montana and saw my kids come over the horizon on horseback, as tiny as little dots, I never did appreciate the openness of the land.  The vastness was breathtaking, you could literally see no end.  The world seemed big, and as if there was enough room for everyone.  Sometimes in a city, I feel trapped.  I love the city, don’t get me wrong, but the ability to see so far, and the freedom that brought was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Montana is full of a lot of little towns. Populations are:

Billings: @104,170

Great Falls: @58,500

Bozeman:  @37,280

Missoula: @66,788

At Arizona State University, 71,946 students are registered, and the population of Phoenix is:  1,445,632.  This gives you a feeling of how small town Montana cities really are.  Restaurants closed early, big fancy resorts didn’t exist, but genuinely good people, the ability to breathe fresh air, and leave your door unlocked, did.

I will be back to Montana.  Our trip was very short, but we left with so much more than we came with.  Glacier National Park is calling my name, (during the summer) and the need to breathe the clean air, and see to the ends of the earth, still exists.

I can only imagine some of the fun to be had at Ranches, and Lodges that cater to a different more relaxed type of vacation.  What a fun place to have a family reunion!  

It’s  Friday so here are my Top 5 Montana Favorites:

  1.  The People.  I love them.
  2. The tiny restaurant that was closed, but opened its doors, and made gluten free pizza for a weary group of travelers who didn’t know everything closed by 9.  
  3. The Sky.  Blue skies really do exist.  Everyone needs to see Montana, just a fact!
  4. The ability to slow down for a minute and enjoy my family.
  5. The rainbows.  Full rainbows, multiple piled on top of each other.  I have never seen rainbows like this!!

Love you Montana, thanks for great Memories.





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