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Danang, Vietnam


It’s my week to write about Vietnam, but I have been a little reluctant to do so.  I was so excited to go on this trip.  I had seen so many pictures of the beautiful water, stunning landscape, read about the culture, and history, and was thrilled to be seeing it in person.  

The problem is, if you ask me if I love Vietnam, my answer would have to be No.

At the conclusion of our Asian trip, Thailand and Cambodia brought so many great feelings to my mind, but Vietnam did not.  

Was there a particular reason?  Was the food bad, were the people rude, or was the landscape less than thrilling.

My answers to this are, yes and no.

Can A Trip be To Long?

What happened I believe it we overstayed our Welcome.  We tried to pack too many things, places, and experiences into one trip.  By the time we arrived in Vietnam, we were somewhat tired.  We had been on 7 flights in 12 days, toured Hong Kong, Thailand, and Cambodia, had many experiences of a lifetime, and essentially were ready to call it a trip.

It is known that I love Thailand.  I love the water, the people, the prices, and I really love the food.  In Thailand our refrigerator was stocked, there was a family restaurant next to our Air BNB rental that had amazing food, and we were in Heaven.

When we arrived in Vietnam, we had arranged to be taken to the grocery store but our driver spoke no English, took us to a market that had very different food from home, and nothing my kids would eat.

We essentially were hungry most of the time we were in Vietnam.  We did not have a car, and were not close to town.  Hiring a car was very inexpensive, but our drivers never spoke any English, and we struggled to communicate offline with our Google Translate.

Things just don’t always go as planned..

We had booked a few excursions while in Vietnam, but the seas were very rough, swimming was prohibited, and our boat ride was a bit scary.

I don’t think that any of this would have even been part of my memory if I was experiencing this at the beginning of our trip.  It would have added to the charm, and adventure of Vietnam, but because it was at the end of a long trip, all these things became inconveniences.  

In Vietnam we spent many hours laying by our pool, catching up on Netflix, and relaxing.  This brought the down time I desperately needed, but also left me with little to reflect on from this part of our vacation.

Lessons to be Learned

I learned a few lessons from Vietnam.  I now know that More doesn’t mean Better, and that simplifying is never a bad thing.  Later this week I will dive into what I will change from here on out, but for now, I know I need to book another trip to Vietnam, and try again!




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