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Driving to Mexico…what you need to know.

1. Mexican Insurance.  You must have Mexican Insurance if you are driving your own vehicle into Mexico. This is NOT optional. If you don’t have Mexican Insurance, you will be at the mercy of the Mexican court should something happen. Mexican insurance is very simple to get. I would recommend getting it online a few days prior to your trip. You can also get it in person at one of the towns close to the border in the Untied States prior to crossing over into Mexico. It is short term coverage and you can get it for just a few days and up to several months. Also, your American insurance will not cover your car if you have an accident in Mexico.  You need Mexican Insurance to have coverage for damage on your car! My favorite online is Mexican Insurance . Com


2. ​Passports. Passports or Passport cards are required when ​​driving into Mexico. They did not check our passports at the ​​border when we entered Mexico, but they did check them when ​​we were coming back to the U.S. Lots of people have asked us ​​if minors need to have passports. I have gotten mixed answers ​​on this question, but the majority of the people that I have spoke ​​to say that yes, minors need passports. A less expensive option ​​would be to get a passport card. These cards are cheaper than ​​regular passports and allow you to enter a country from the U.S. ​​either by car or by boat. You cannot use a passport card to ​​board a plane. Even in the event of an emergency, unless you ​​have a valid U.S. Passport you CANNOT get on a plane and ​​return to the United States.  Side note from Jen….  My friend my age (so old) used a birth certificate to get back in.  Our border patrol lectured her, but did not detain her.  Also, most of the kids coming back into the US only had birth certificates. The border patrol did not question it at all.  But Remember, should something happen and you need to be air evacuated, ONLY a PASSPORT WILL GET YOU ON A PLANE.


 3. ​No Hassel Zone. If you are driving to Rocky Point from or ​​​through Arizona, you will likely cross the border at Sonoyta. Just ​outside of town you will start to see signs that say; “No Hassel ​​Zone.” What this means is that you do NOT need a Mexican ​​Vehicle permit if you are from the U.S. or Canada and only ​​​traveling in the North East part of the Mexican state of Sonora ​​including Rocky Point and the surrounding area. If you are ​​​planning to venture further south than the Guaymas Bypass you ​​will need a permit.


4.Getting Pulled Over. Prior to going to Rocky Point, I was most ​​concerned with getting pulled over by a Mexican police officer ​​and being forced to hand over all of my cash or go to jail. This ​​DID NOT happen to us, nor was I very concerned about it while ​​we were there. In talking with the folks from Rocky Point, we ​​learned that the Mexican authorities can not mail their traffic ​​tickets. So, in order for them to get paid, you are asked to give ​​your cash over. I think it is just a part of what occasionally ​​​happens . 

 A few steps to avoid a potential pit fall;

 – Obey all traffic signs and rules

 ​​-​Do NOT speed,  speed limits through town are very slow.

 ​​- ​Remember the speed limits are in Kilometers  which is ​​​roughly .6 of a mile

​​- ​Have $60 or $80 dollars in cash in your wallet in case ​​​​you do get pulled over. Keep the rest of your cash in ​​​​separate location.

​​ – ​Don’t panic or get lippy 
5. ​Have Fun! Rocky Point is a blast and so is driving in Mexico. ​​With the proper preparation, you will have such a great time and ​​be sitting on the beach before you know it.


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