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Favorite Ports of Call in the Caribbean

Favorite Ports of call in the Caribbean

Here are some of our favorite Parts of Call and activites in the Caribbean as experienced from our cruises…

1. St Thomas UVI

We LOVED St Thomas.  This was our favorite stop in the Caribbean.  It is the most picturesque beautiful place.  For our shore excursion booked the Buck Island Snorkel and Honeymoon beach through Disney.  It was awesome.  We went on the Virgin Breeze through www.coolboatsusvi.com .   They were SO fun.  They crew was fantastic and knowledgable.  We had our 2 oldest boys with us who were 10 & 8 at the time.  They loved snorkeling at Buck Island with all of the fish.  The water was crystal clear and perfect.  When we were done snorkeling we rode over to Honeymoon Beach.  This beach was amazing.  We snorkeled more and the beach is exactly what you picture.  Perfect sand and crystal clear water.  

At the end of the tour, we rode back to our ship along the shore line of St Thomas.  It is such a beautiful, picturesque place.  While on the boat, the crew made an awesome non alcoholic punch for us.  It was SO good.  They gave us the recipe and we make it at home all the time.  It really was a place that we are excited to return to soon.

2. Grand Cayman

I really enjoyed Grand Cayman.  We went here on our first Disney Cruise which was a 7 night Western Caribbean on Disney’s Fantasy.   I had never been to Grand Cayman before and I was really impressed with how beautiful and clean the island was.  I wish I would have had more time to explore.  Honestly, that is the one downside of a cruise.  You only get to see a few things in each place you stop.  We really need to get back to Grand Cayman.

We decided to go to Sting Ray City.  Our daughter was 3 at the time, so we left her on the ship, in the kids club.  We took both of our boys, who were 7 & 9 with us to see the Sting Ray’s.   We took a shuttle from the ship to the marina.   Once we got to the marina we boarded our catamaran.  I actually don’t remember the name of the company that we used, but we booked our excursion through Disney and they were great.  * As a side note, if you book your excursions through your cruise ship and there is a delay, they will hold the ship for you.   If you book your excursion through a third party and are not back to the ship on time, the ship will leave you.

Sting Ray City was awesome!! It is a large sand bar in the middle of a bay about 30 minutes off shore from Grand Cayman.  The sand bar is about 4 ft deep and populated with sting ray’s.  We got our snorkel gear and got into the water.  Then one of the people from our catamaran explained all about the sting rays while holding one.   After that we were able to swim around the sand bar and feed the sting rays.  It was such a cool experience.  My son Jackson is a great swimmer and loves the ocean.  He was feeding the sting rays and one of them jumped out of the water and over his head.   He still talks about it to this day. 

3. Castaway Cay

We loved Castaway Cay.  It was beautiful, had all of the Disney touches and was really a tropical paradise  just for Disney Cruise passengers.   For more about Castaway Cay read more here.  


4. Cozumel

Cozumel was awesome!!  We had been to Mexico before, and to Cancun, but never to Cozumel.   It has a authentic Mexican feel and really was overly touristy like I expected.   The beaches are beautiful and the water is crystal clear.  

We decided to do a little bit of everything in Cozumel.  Again, we booked excursion through Disney.   We did a tour that combined seeing some of the Mayan ruins on Cozumel, taking a tour of the island and spending some time at the beach.  It was perfect.  Our kids had never experienced a Mayan architectural site prior to this trip, so that was informative and a great cultural experience for them.  

After visiting the ruins our shuttle continued around the island.  Cozumel was so beautiful and it was great to spend an hour seeing it.   Finally, we ended our time at private beach club where we ate lunch and the kids got to play on the beach.  We really enjoyed our time in Cozumel.  


The Caribbean is beautiful.  We love the people and the culture.  We really love the time that we are able to spend there.



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