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Favorite things to do in San Diego (Besides the Beach)

What we love in San Diego

I have been going to San Diego since I was 8 years old.  As a child, I spent every summer at my cousins’ house in Encinitas.  I really love it there.  Jen and I have both talked a lot about our favorite beaches in the last few weeks and both of us have included some San Diego beaches in our top 5.  If you need a few more, I also love Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, D Street in Encinitas and pretty much any spot in Del Mar.  There are so many to choose from and you really can’t go wrong.  

So, there is more to do in San Diego than just go to the beach.  Here are a few of our favorites;

1. Balboa Park

I love going to Balboa Park.  It is the perfect place to spend the day.  There is a carousel, miniature train and acres of beautiful park and landmarks like the Cabrillo Bridge and California Tower.  It is a great place to run and play.  Plus it is also are really good spot for family pictures.  The San Diego Zoo is also located adjacent to the park and is a great thing to do as well.

2. Sea World

We love Sea World in our family.  When I was a little kid, I loved going to Sea World every summer and I still love it today.   Both kids and adults love the park.  Try to go during the week and early in the day to get better parking and less crowds.

3. The San Diego County Fair 

I love the San Diego County fair.  We went every year when I was a kid.  Its so fun and just feels like a fair should.  There are rides, games, carnival food and lots of live entertainment.  The fair usually runs during the month of June.  Check the website for dates and times as well as what special events will be going on each and every day.  

4. Del Mar Horse races

Every year, July – Sept there are horse races  at the fair grounds in Del Mar.  You can by tickets and spend the day at the races.  My grandpa loved horse racing and he use to take me to the races in Sacramento.  This reminds me of him.  Go to their website for dates and times.  Beware; traffic around Del Mar can get nasty when the fair and races are going on.

5. Go to a Padres Game

The San Diego Padres was the first professional sports team that I saw in person.  We didn’t have any professional teams in Hawaii and I thought it was SO cool.  We do have a pro baseball team in AZ, however, there is something about that stadium and the gorgeous California weather that gets me every time.  We love it, I think you all will too. 

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