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Find me Gluten Free…And Other Travel Apps

An App for Everything

My kids have heard me say a million times, you can buy anything on Amazon…  they have also heard me say a million times… there is an App for everything.

I am not sure which of these statements is actually more accurate, but in my mind they are both facts.

I will admit I buy anything, and everything I can on Amazon.  Convenience is the key, and with me, it wins every time.

I am also a little crazy, and so no matter where we are, Stateside or overseas, I want an App to make my life a little easier.

Travel Apps You Must Have;

Find Me Gluten Free

Hands down, my #1 favorite  App is Find Me Gluten Free.   I have two kids with Gluten Issues.  My youngest has an autoimmune disease, and so it is essential that he avoids gluten at all costs because of the complications it causes to his health.  

We live by this App when traveling.  I love the feature of “search near me”.  It will bring up a map with all the gluten free restaurants nearby.  We read the reviews, glance at a menu, and make a decision.  My kids are thrilled when we find a gluten free location with chicken nuggets, or an awesome dessert.  This App has brought back the thrill of eating to my kids who struggle to find excitement in their choices so often very limited.

Google Translate 

Google Translate provides you with the ability to download a language prior to your trip, and then operate offline of wifi.  It is a lifesaver in a foreign country and makes everything so much easier!!


The GateGuru App has a map of most of the Airports in the US, and all the food inside. We LOVE it!!!  It will show you in detail your food choices at a gate, and for me that  is so helpful when planning a trip.  Airport food is getting better, and this App helps you to know where it is.

Earthquake +

Earthquake+ (the + stands for tsunami’s!!)  When our family did a big trip to the Oregon Coast a few years back, this App was a lifesaver!!  As I was researching for that trip, I stumbled upon the fact that the Oregon Coast is due for a large tsunami.  Here’s the thing… the idea of a tsunami is scary, but the idea of a tsunami or frigid cold water is terrifying!!!!!  No joke, I downloaded this App, set the alerts, and warned all family that if a tsunmai threat came across my phone, me and my kids were running for the hills and they better follow.  I literally slept a little easier knowing the possibility of cold water touching me was being monitored by a reliable system.  

Google Maps

Google Maps, or some version of it.  Getting around in an unfamiliar city has never been so easy, and we love the walking feature.  


If I am not with my kids, I  still want to see their faces everyday.  Wifi at our hotels, and the Skype App make that possible.  I remember being in Bali, Indonesia and feeling so far from home.  The greatest thing was that even though I was an ocean away, I could still see and talk to my kiddos everyday!

These are just a few of the hundreds of Travel Apps available.  However, these are the ones I continually use while traveling.  We would love to hear your favorites and look forward to finding more apps to love as we travel the world with our families.

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