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Be Prepared to Travel:

One of the things that Six Little Birds really believes in, is being prepared when we travel.  We believe that when people are prepared it empowers them to work through their fears or doubts, and chase their dreams. We know that traveling; especially for moms with children can be scary, nerve wracking and sometimes really hard. However, it is still SO important. 

So, in the spirit of preparedness and dream chasing, we have put together a list of links that you may need when getting ready for an upcoming trip. It has everything from passport guidelines to airline baggage rules. We recognize that this list isn’t finite, its constantly a work in progress. However, we hope that you will use it for years to come as a guide when preparing for a trip, whether its across the country or around the world. Happy Traveling friends!!

*We realize that this is a mostly United States centered list. We are adding to it all the time and hope to make it more international very soon.

U.S. State Department Info:

About STEP

Enroll STEP


How to get a US passport for your child

Travelers checklist

What does the state department say about your destination?

List of Necessary Vaccination by Country

*put in your destination and it will pulls up the vaccines that you need

Provides Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

List of Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Baggage Info for Major U.S. Carriers

Southwest baggage

American Airline