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Get Lost in Venice, Literally!

Get Lost in Venice

I  posted a picture last week of Venice, Italy, and asked, “who wants to go to Venice”?  The response was an overwhelming “Yes”, so I knew it was time to write about my experience there, and truly getting lost in Venice.  

The Trip of A Lifetime

In 2014, I took what will always be to me, ‘the trip of a lifetime’.  Since I was a little girl, I had literally dreamed of Venice.  The canals, gondolas, and history of the city so far from my home, occupied my mind, and drove my desire to visit one day.  I knew this romantic city and I would meet, and that it would be all I had imagined, and more.

Venice Didn’t have the Perfect Reputation

As I began to prepare for my trip, I learned a very important thing about this place I already loved!!  Turns out not everyone loved Venice as much as I did.  Travelers who had actually been there told stories of large crowds, extreme heat, and being lost for hours.  They complained of long waits to see popular sights, and a day wasted wandering around with no direction.

Two things to keep in Mind

Determined to not let this be my story, I went with two things in mind.

There was no way “Getting Lost in Venice”  could actually be a bad thing.


I needed to find a time away from the crowds.  I wanted to experience the city, the mystery, and  feel the emotions that came from the stories that had unfolded there over hundreds of years. 

Don’t be afraid to Lose your Way.

I am a true believer that perspective can change a bad day, to an amazing one.  If you look at things in a positive light, your experience is bound to be better.  

I went to Venice knowing the streets were not marked well, there was no grid system to work from, and that a map did little to help you find your way.

This led to me looking at my surrounding a little deeper.  I found my way by the sight of a  beautiful store front, some familiar laundry hung in an alleyway, or the most delicious looking donuts I had ever seen. At no point did I ever feel like I was lost.  Instead, I felt like I had found the time to explore, experience, and be a part of a city I had dreamed about my whole life.

Stay the Night

It is true the city can be very overcrowded during the day.  There were times we were unable to do anything but move with the people through a small alleyway, or enter St. Marks Basilica when we desired.

St. Marks Basilica can be reserved, the 1st of April, to the 2nd of November.  Book a time here up to 10 minutes before your desired entry (based on availability).  Problem Solved.


At night the streets are empty.  We wandered in the light of the city through the alleyways, over the beautiful bridges, ate at the most darling patio restaurants, and experienced everything I knew Venice would be.  

If you are like me, and you have waited to see the City we all know about… Stay the Night.  Spend time in the quiet, and leave transformed, and changed by the most romantic place on earth❤️

Venice is Truly What my Dreams Were Made Of, and More.



To See Where I stayed Click Here.





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