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Girls Trips are a NEED…

Girls Trips…

Every year about the time summer is ending, and school is starting, I begin to plan a girls trip in my mind.  Blame it on the chaos of summer travel, the never ending lists of things to do for school and sports, or the amount of dishes I have washed for the last few months!!  I cannot get the thoughts to escape me, and begin to recruit a team of accomplices for my grand escape!

Sometimes the universe aligns and you will have a friend that is having a birthday, which is reason enough to get the heck out of town!  This was the case in the pictures shown this week.  Our beautiful friend Shawna was having a birthday, and we were all in to celebrate her, and her life!

Plan it Right…

So here are a few things I find crucial for a successful girls trip..

One:  Love the people you are with!!!!

 I have been on many girls trips in my lifetime, and I can testify that if you truly love the women you are traveling with, your trip will be a 1000 times better.  I am old:)  I have spent years figuring out who I am, and who my friends are.  I have women I have known since I was a young girl, and they have loved me from the beginning.  Best part is, we can see each other and pick up like it has not been a day missed.  I also have women that I am raising my kids with.  I know they are there for me with no strings attached, and that they love me on my good days, and are by my side on the bad.

If you do not have these friends, start looking!!  Every woman needs another woman to lift her up, and to be her friend.  The bond of friendship has carried me through some dark days, and helped me to know I can do life, with them by my side!

I am a strong Woman, maybe a little to strong at times, but even I cannot do it alone.  I love my husband, and he is a good man, but he can’t make me laugh, or give me the same validation and reassurance that my girlfriends can.  They get it, they know what its like to be a Mom, Wife, Family Member, and Friend, and that ability to relate is priceless!

TWO…Go Somewhere Good!!  

For me that involves a BEACH, SHOPPING, AND AMAZING FOOD!

THREE…  Find a way to stay together and travel together.  

Let’s face it,  Women can be sensitive!  If you room together, and drive together no one gets left out, or feels excluded. The other great part is you don’t miss a thing!!!

Sadly for my husband,  I am a secret teller!!  I am determined to make my friends laugh, and shock them a little (or a lot), while doing so!!  This is why you need to travel together…  if you are not in the car with me, you may miss a vital detail in the weekend jokes!!

It’s just good for your Soul

Every time I go on a trip with my girlfriends, I come home with: make up tips, new ways to do my hair, style essentials I had no idea existed, a feeling of connection to others who are trying just like me to be a good Mom and Wife, a smile on my face that lasts for weeks, and a deep rooted feeling of friendship.  This is why I crave a trip with my friends to escape life… so that I can truly live it!!

FIVE reasons you can use to “Justify” a girls weekend!!

ONE:  Vacations are proven to reduce stress, and therefore you will be a better Mother, Partner, Wife and Friend if you go!  See, Science says you should go!

TWO: Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  You will miss your family, and feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world!

THREE:  How will you learn tips and tricks for hair, nails, and makeup if you don’t go?  I always learn so much about all these, on my get aways!

FOUR:  You need to celebrate your friends!  How can you not attend an overnight birthday party with your bestie.  It’s a must!

FIVE:  It’s good for your soul.  We NEED to laugh, vent, find understanding, give understanding, and reconnect with ourselves so we can be better and happier for all those we love!

Let the Girl times Roll!!!




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