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Hong Kong… Top 5

Hong Kong

I have been in Hong Kong several times.  I love it.  I love it for many reasons, and I will give you my top 5, because that is what we do, but I also want to say this…There was a trip where Jared and I were not on speaking terms when I arrived in Hong Kong.  He had been there a few weeks before me, and due to some events at home, I was spitting mad at him when I arrived.  We were in different places emotionally, and on completely different time schedules.  Due to the fact he had arrived a couple weeks prior to me, he was adjusted to the 12 hour time change, I however, was not.  Each morning about 4 am, I would lay awake until I could not take it one more minute, and I would get up.  I tried the first day to go to the gym, but it didn’t open until 7 AM, so I resorted to walking the streets of Hong Kong Island, literally, for hours. (We stayed at the JW Marriott This Trip)

Hong Kong felt so Safe

I have the name of “safety girl”.  I like to be safe, feel safe, and walking the streets of Hong Kong in the dark is honestly so far from my normal comfort zone.  The thing is, I never felt unsafe, and never thought I needed to go back to the hotel.  I wandered the streets, climbed a mountain, found the Olympic Grounds and explored them, did Yoga on a rooftop I wandered onto, with a cute old Asian man, and sat for hours under the most beautiful banyan tree I have ever seen.  In these early morning hours, I wrote my personal mission statement.  I searched my soul for the anger I was holding in, and let it go.  I studied the roots, trunk, and branches of the tree, and realized that like me, it had twists, turns, hard times of growth, and times of great progression.  I became a stronger person, and took some much needed time to be quiet and think.

In life, we run so fast, that we forget to be still and listen to our hearts, minds, and our feelings.  Besides my top 5, I love Hong Kong because I found a piece of myself on the quiet streets, and left a better person than I came.  

Jen’s Top 5 Favorites in Hong Kong.

One: The Perfect Tour Guide. This trip, because I had my kids in tow, I decided to hire a tour guide to give us some history and insight into the city I loved. I wanted someone who spoke excellent English so my kids could understand them well, and actually walk away having learned something new. Trip Advisor, or Tours by Locals, both led me to a tour guide named Jaime. He was from the UK but had lived in Hong Kong since he was a kid. He  spoke perfect English, had history in Hong Kong, and seemed like the right guy to teach us all we needed to know about Hong Kong in a day.  If in town, I highly recommend him. He kept my kids attention, was patient and had a few surprises up his sleeve. Perfect day with the perfect guide.

Two: The Peak. There is the most gorgeous view of the city, and is a must do while in Hong Kong. Take the path to the left of the building for a great walk with a unique view, or even better hire Jaime, and he will take you to the perfect spot to get the perfect picture.

Three: Hong Kong is so clean, and safe. There are rules against drinking and eating on the subway, and huge fines for littering.  I am a fan!! In China you cannot find anywhere as inviting, and clean as Hong Kong. It really is such a gorgeous, comfortable place to be.

Four: Disney. I think if you love Disney, and you will be in Hong Kong, you need to go. It is a smaller park, and can be done in one day, but provides much shorter lines, and a few rides Disneyland doesn’t have. Plus, it’s just a fun place to be!

Five:  Hong Kong was a great place to introduce my kids to China without the culture shock you can encounter in some of the other cities. We were able to navigate the city through the MTR, and felt safe, and at ease the entire time. The kids got a glimpse into how the people live, were able to see some things unique to Asia, and… spend a day in the Happiest Place on Earth. Win, Win, Win.

Travel often takes you to places  that literally take you to a new place within yourself.  This is why, for me, Travel is a Need❤️ 





To Visit The Peak you can take a tram up the hill or a taxi. Although the tram offers gorgeous views, the lines can be very long. A taxi will take you right up to the top, and drop you at the entrance of the peak. It was quite convenient and offered a good alternative for us because we were short on time.

Disney. This park is rather small. We had a great day, but honestly you really only need one day to feel like you experienced everything. Also, we booked the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel so we would be closer to the park and I was hoping for early entrance. Neither rang true. We still had to ride a bus to get to the park from the hotel, and there were no perks for guests. Looking back, I would have stayed at a more cost effective hotel, and took the MIT  with the Disney Line that drops you right where the bus did from the hotel.

I am a huge fan of Trip Advisor. I value others opinions, and often make my decisions for bookings based on travel reviews. For my guide in Hong Kong, I used Trip Advisor, but I also used Local Guides.  Here I  found it quite helpful that it specified the languages the guides  spoke, and rated them how well they were able to speak it. It was important for me to find guides my kids could understand easily, and this site really helped me on that. I would definitely use it again.


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