China | Hong Kong | Japan Itinerary

China | Hong Kong | Japan – Jen

Arrive in Beijing China

Stayed at The Legendal Hotel Beijing
Beautiful Hotel, Spacious Rooms, and Great Food

*day 1
We chose to wander the city. We went into local artist shops, looked at the food carts, and went to the Forbidden City. At the Forbidden City we hired a guide standing in front of the lines seeking customers. She spoke excellent English, had great information, as well as the history of the City and took us to the front of all the lines. She was well worth the money and Im glad we found her. In hindsight I would have hired a guide a head of time.

*day 2
Arranged by our hotel, we had an English speaking guide and private car to take us to The Great Wall of China, and Summer Palace.

*day 3
travel to Guangzhou

Arrive in Guangzhou

Stayed at Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe

The views of the city were breathtaking, the rooms, clean, comfortable, and spacious. The food was great, and the indoor pool and exercise facilities were excellent.

*day 1
Attended the Canton Fair (a huge Manufacturing Trade Show)

*day 2
Attended the Canton Fair

*day 3
Traveled by Train to Shenzhen
Visited factories and Manufacturers
Works Done… Traveled to Shanghai

Arrive in Shanghai

Stayed at Le Royal Meridien Shanghai
Clean, beautiful view, excellent food and central to all areas.

*day 1
Explored the Bund and Little China on Foot

*day 2
Found a booth for a Hop on Hop off bus. Took a tour of the city from the top of a bus. After days of walking this was the perfect way to relax and take in the sights.
That evening we traveled to Tokyo

Arrived in Tokyo Japan

Stayed at The Peninsula
Amazing, Luxury at its finest.

*day 1
Explored the city by foot. No tours booked and just two days to see the sights.

*day 2
More exploring
In the Evening we went to the Robot Restaurant. A must if you are in the Tokyo area. Book tickets ahead of time. It is like nothing I have ever seen before, and is an overload for the senses in every way. Google it, and then go!

The next morning we flew home via LA to Phoenix.

Travel Notes:

  • Book Airport Transportation to all your hotels ahead of time. It is unsafe to take random taxis from the hotels. If you do not book transportation a head of time, be sure to stand in the taxi lines, and have your hotel address written in their language.
  • Bring Snacks from home! I struggled to find food I would eat in Asia. Turns out steamed rice is not readily available. I would have loved a good protein shake.
  • Find joy in all the differences. I loved being able to see a culture so different from my own, and to be able to learn to love them for the way they are.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore! Some of my best experiences have come from letting my guard down a little and mingling with the people.
  • Book tour guides ahead of time for attractions you know you want. I love to read the reviews and book a guide that has a lot of experience.

Happy Traveling.