Thailand Itinerary

Thailand – Jen

Arrive in Hong Kong:

Stayed at the JW Marriott on Hong Kong Island
Beautiful Hotel and great location.

*day 1
On our own, no tour
Rode the cable car to Lantau Island and saw the Giant Buddha
Wandered the village, ate lunch, took a million photos. The air was clear that day, and the view was breathtaking. *Get Front of the line passes ahead of time, the lines are insane!!

*day 2
In the morning due to jet lag, I wandered the streets of Hong Kong. I saw the Olympic Village, and meditated by a beautiful Banyan Tree. 4 AM on the streets alone, and I couldn’t have felt more safe.
Afternoon we traveled.

Arrived in Bangkok

Stayed at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit
Clean, Nice, and Great Location

*day 1
Took a tour to the Tiger Temple, and An elephant Sanctuary
We used Tours with Tong and booked a private tour and vehicle transport through Trip Advisor. I highly recommend them, as they talked with us in the morning as we started and really catered our day to what they thought we would like to do. I feel as if they were attentive to the animals needs, and took us to a very humane elephant sanctuary.

We also ate at the most delicious Thai restaurants along the way. Excellent day!!!

*day 2
We toured with Tong a second day.  We visited Wat Pho, saw the city by foot, and Tuk Tuk, shopped at local stores, and had a custom dress made by a Tailor. Prices on “treasures” were amazing.

Traveled in the Afternoon

Arrived in Phuket

Stayed at The Sri Panwa
(Currently my favorite hotel)
This hotel is amazing!! The negative edge pools, rooftop bar with views that will leave you wanting to take permanent location in the very spot you sit, rooms, and private beach leave it, not easily topped anywhere you stay in the world! Yes, I loved it that much!

*day 1
private boat arranged by Sri Panwa to Bond Island and the Gypsy Village. If you eat fish you are in good shape, if like me you do not, bring food!!

*day 2
beach and hotel hanging by day,
Fantasea (show only) by night.
We took a taxi from the Hotel, he then stayed at the show and waited for us. Prices are so inexpensive in Thailand that you can afford to splurge a little.

*day 3
Beach and hotel hanging by day,
Markets and treasure hunting by afternoon

*day 4
Beach and hotel. The hotel has Kayaks that you can use, a private beach and most
rooms have a private pool leaving very little reason to leave the premises.
That evening we flew home to the US via Seoul Korea.

Travel Notes:

  • Thailand offers: inexpensive prices, beautiful scenery and water, and food that will leave you craving it forever.
  • Book excursions ahead of time so you can research the guides as well as the itinerary.
  • Be aware of animal cruelty. Everyone has different comfort levels regarding the treatment of animals, and what experiences are cruel. Be aware of your feelings as you book your excursions. If you choose to ride the Elephants, bring heavy pants to wear as their hair will rub your legs. ( i had a rash for days from wearing thin pants)
  • As always I recommend booking airport transportation to your hotels ahead of time and making sure you have your hotel in their language upon arrival. The water is amazing and the people some of the friendliest I have met.
  • Have fun and enjoy being somewhere so magical!