Germany | Netherlands Itinerary

Germany | Netherlands – Lalani

We planned this trip in 6 days. This made us unable to do a few things. I have also added the things that we would have liked to do, but didn’t get the change to do.


Frankfurt & Dortmund
We flew into Frankfurt Germany on American Airlines, got a rental car and headed 2 hours north to Dortmund. Dortmund was the site of the Borussia Dortmund/ Monaco soccer game. It is an industrial town that has turned into a tech hub. It isn’t particularly a tourist destination.

Dortmund, Germany (1 night)

– Raddison Blu (Chase Sapphire Points)
This hotel was fine. It was walking distance from the stadium which was a huge bonus. Also, the Monaco team was staying there, so that was fun. It is one of the nicer hotels in Dortmund, but really nothing special.

What we did:
– We really were just there for the soccer match. Unfortunately, the game got cancelled the first night. So we spent the better part of the next day waiting around for the match to start. We walked around the downtown and took a drive. The match was that evening and was amazing. Even if you aren’t a soccer fan, European soccer is an experience.

Where we ate:
– We ate brats, german pretzels and Nutella crepes at the stadium both nights.

– Backerei Fischer am Rathaus ek; Traditional German Bakery in Downtown Dortmund. It was SO good. We got several pastries and they were all awesome.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (2 nights)

Once the soccer match was done, we drove the three hours from Dortmund to Amsterdam. The drive was easy and neither the Netherlands or Germany have tolls on their roads.

– Pulitzer Amsterdam (Chase Sapphire Points) This hotel was amazing. It was everything we wanted. It was charming, beautiful and very Dutch. It is an entire block of converted row houses with interior courtyards that now form a beautiful 5 star hotel. We will definitely be back.

What we did:

High season in Amsterdam is the end of March thru early May to coincide with the tulips blooming. Due to the last minute nature of our trip, we missed out on several popular tours.

– Canal Cruise; these are offered all over the city at different lengths and price points. We just found one and got on. It was an hour and a half and we learned and saw so much.

– Tulips; there are several options for viewing the tulips. The most famous is the Kuekenhof which is about 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam. They sell tickets for this and it gets crowded. We chose to drive the “flower route” from Haarlem to Lisse and stop and get out at the small farms and fields on the side of the road.

– Windmills; Zaanse Schans. This is also about 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam and is a great place for viewing windmills. It is a tourist destination and can get busy. However, there are also windmills to see all over the Netherlands.

– Rembrandt House. We stumbled on this museum and it was really fun. We saw some art, cool architecture and history all together. Nate really liked this tour. 

Now on to the ones we didn’t get to…

– Anne Frank House; Tickets go on sale 2 months in advance and almost always sell out. There was a standby line, but we weren’t willing to sacrifice most of a day since our time was so limited.

– Van Gogh Museum; These tickets are also sold in advance. I’ve heard its amazing. Defiantly a must do for next time.

– Bike tour; we could have done this one but with just a day in Amsterdam we decided to walk instead. A bike tour would be really really fun.

Where we ate:

– The Happy Pig Pancake Shop; Pancakes are part of Dutch history and this one does them right. Definitely go.

– La Perla; Awesome Italian restaurant in the Jordaan section of Amsterdam. The pizza is the second best we’ve ever had. The first being in the Italian Alps. If you go for dinner, make sure to make a reservation. Its packed.

– Amsterdam Cheese Company; The Netherlands is known for its Gouda and this cheese shop has a million types to choose from. They let you sample as many as you like and they tell you how best to carry your cheese home with you. We wish we would have bought more.

– Chipsy King; French fries are the single most popular food in Amsterdam between tourists and locals alike. There are french fry stores all over the city. The fries are served in a cone and you can choose a type of dipping sauce. The traditional is a flavored mayonnaise. We tried Chipsy King. They were better than American fries for sure. I can’t say they were the best in Amsterdam. Next time we are there we will probably try a different place.