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Jen’s Top 5 Reasons…Traveling is good for you!

Jen’s Top 5 Reasons Traveling is Good for you…

  1. Traveling Opens up the Communication in our Families. Kids are busy these days, and that makes us parents even busier!!! Traveling provides a retreat from our everyday lives to focus on one another, and create bonds that will last a lifetime. Plus…it gives you things to talk about with your teenagers:)
  2. According to Google… that I believe knows everything, Traveling promotes brain health, and improves brain resilience. Jared is always telling me, “if I don’t use it, I will lose it”. Good thing I can travel, and stay smart!!
  3. Putting yourself in a “Time Out” resets your mood, and helps you to play well with others. We all need a break!! Love yourself enough to take one. You will feel rejuvenated, be more productive, and less likely check out on life.
  4. Traveling introduces your family to new things, and the different ways of the world. People are fascinating!! Remember, different is just different, not wrong. From doing laundry, to getting our kids to school, all around the world families accomplish the same chores as we do, but in so many different ways.
  5. Traveling creates an opportunity to strengthen and encourage one another. Whether its eating a new food, going to a new place, or trying something adventurous, being with your family, and encouraging each other along the way, creates healthy relationships and reminds us who is on our “team”. I remind my kids often the best friends they will ever have, live in the same house as them!!

So If you need a reason to travel, take one of mine and GO!