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Jen’s Top 5 Summer Family Destinations

Favorite Summer Family Travel Destination; Jen

I have enjoyed Lalani’s picks for summer family travel, as well as her posts on the Oregon Coast. I have also laughed a ton, becuase as similar as we are, we are also so different! I “strongly dislike”  Oregon’s  Beaches. To me, it’s a waste of a beach, it’s too dang cold!!! If I have to wear a sweatshirt, in the summer… then clearly I am in the wrong location!


So here are my top 5…

      1. Florida: 

        I know your thinking, “why do you go, its so hot and humid.”  My answer is the water!! It is the perfect temperature.  We spend hours, I mean hours, laying in the water and enjoying all types of water activities.  I seriously don’t even notice the humidity, who cares, your in the water!!  I have a few favs, you can pick any, and have the best time.    

  • Destin.  Gorgeous water, family atmosphere, and tons to do.  We love to go on sailboat charters,  paddle boarding, surfing, or just sit in our chairs, and play in the water.  Its dreamy, and seriously one of my favorite places.
  • New Smyrna.  Close to Orlando, and Daytona Beach.  Go paddle boarding through the channels, its  so fun.  Take a sailboat ride, we loved it!!  New Smyrna is a little town where you feel like everyone is your friend.  They have  great waves, and restaurants on the water where you can watch manatees play as you eat.  Seriously I love it there!
  • Miami.  If its just Jared and I, this is our choice.  Great beaches, fabulous places to eat and listen to music, and great people watching

    2. Durango, Colorado.  

    I have been going here since I was a kid.  For me it holds sentimental value, and that brings me back again and again.  We love to ride the Alpine Slide at Purgatory, go horseback riding, enjoy the parks, and love love love the downtown Durango.  Ride the Silverton train, and eat some chocolate at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  It is a relaxed location where I love to relax, read books and enjoy some cooler weather.

    3. Cape Cod, Massachusetts: 

    I have a week dedicated to this whole area soon, but I can’t leave this off my list now.  This is a place with beautiful water, fishing, boat rides, great ice cream, and a family atmosphere that you can feel.  Most of the friends I made, have been going there for 20 + years.  It has a charm that you will fall in love with, and that will bring you back year after year.

    4. California:  

    I prefer Oceanside, not because there is something magical about it, but because my whole neighborhood seems to be there.  For me, the more friends the better, and sitting on the beach with people I love is heaven on earth.  My kids are also in heaven because they have their friends.  So my advice… where are your people in Cali? Go where they are, that way you have friends to chat with in your chair, because the water is freezing:)   Also, La Jolla.  If we are not going with friends, I pick here!   A little less touristy, we love the Pantai Inn,  www.pantai.com, and you can Kayak, paddle board, and snorkel for days!  I love to be in the water and active, so this place is a dream.  I will write more about our weekend here next week!

    5. Park City, Utah.

     I love Park City because the weather is amazing, and there is tons to do.  Olympic park will fill a whole day with zip lining, sledding, and toboggan rides.  We rode bikes through the trails, went hiking, and drove to a Rodeo in Oakley that was so fun! (Book Tickets ahead, it sells out)

I will always pick the beach as my “nature” experiences, but love a few days in the mountains also.  Our trips seem so to be based on time availability…  do we need to drive, and will Jared be in town to go with us?  I hope that wherever you choose, it brings you happiness, and great memories because that is what makes a desitnation become somewhere that you love!!

Happy Travels…





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