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Kauai…Where I Love to Be


I was raised in Hawaii. My mom is half Hawaiian. She was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu. Since Polynesians sailed across the ocean, my ancestors have lived on those islands. My dad on the other had is from Lake Tahoe. He is not Hawaiian, he is a haole (foreigner or caucasian). Although my dad likes Hawaii, throughout my entire childhood there was this constant battle between my parents; ocean vs mountains. Eventually, just before I started high school, my dad won and we moved to Las Vegas. I’m not really sure what Las Vegas had to do with Lake Tahoe, but I guess it was closer to the mountains than Hawaii was.


I actually was glad to leave Hawaii. Life there wasn’t always easy and being a moody teenager, I was ready for a change. Honestly, Las Vegas was good for me. I made REALLY good friends; life long friends and I had a great high school experience.

Time to go back…

It wasn’t until after college and once I got married that I started to feel the tug of the islands pulling at me. I had been back a couple of times but in my 20’s I started to love it again. We went home to Oahu to see my family, but during that time, Nate and I fell in love with Kauai.

I had been to Kauai lots of times as a little girl. Two of my mom’s brothers and their families lived on Kauai. I have great memories of going bird watching at KoKe’e with my grandparents and listening to my uncle sing with his band under the stars at his wedding. However, family tragedy struck when I was 8 and after that, we didn’t go back to Kauai. Now that I was an adult I decided to ventured back and make my own memories. I found the Kauai that I remembered; a beautiful, tropical, green, happy place. Now I have created new memories with my own family, and Kauai is a place that we love.

Something for the whole family…

What I love most about Kauai is its natural, uncrowded vibe. It reminds me of so many things from my childhood on Oahu. Barking Sands reminds me of body surfing as a little girl on the beach in Makaha or Kilauea reminds me of where we had our big family Easter egg hunts in Mokuleia. In some ways, its like stepping 20 years back in time.

My kids love it there too. They love the beaches, and pier jumping in Hanalei. We love to hike the Kalalau trail, ATV at Kipu Ranch, and snorkle with the turtles at Anini Beach.  Zip lining at Priceville Ranch and seeing the whales from my Aunt’s boat off of Poipu are other things we love to do too.  There really is something for everyone.

Kauai has the small island, Hawaiian vibe that I miss so much. At least every other month I beg Nate to move to Hanalei. We haven’t yet, but if you ever can’t find me, there is a good chance that I will be sitting on Anini Beach, snorkel in hand with my kids chasing sand crabs under the coconut trees.

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