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Lalani’s Alaska Top 5

Alaska Top 5

My family and I loved Alaska.  We had the best time.  Here are the Top 5 things that made Alaska great for us…Enjoy!!

1. Great Alaskan Holiday’s RV

Having an RV in Alaska really made all the difference.  It made it possible to see so many different places  around the state.  We didn’t have to pack up suitcases and switch hotels.  Our kids were able to relax and have their own space.  They also had a great place to play with their cousins.  Most of the time when we were driving; our kids were split up by age and gender between the RV’s.  It really made traveling fun for them and fun for the parents as well.  

Great Alaskan Holiday’s was great.  They are the largest RV providers in the state of Alaska and they run a first class operation.   Our RV was brand-new and worked really well.  I would definitely use them again the next time we go to Alaska. 

2. Russian River Falls 

Copper Landing is such a beautiful spot on the Kenai Peninsula and Russian River Falls was the icing on the cake for us.  We loved this hike so much.  If you watch our YouTube video, you can see my son Jackson catching a salmon with his bare hands.  The hike was fun.  The scenery was unbelievable.  Finally, playing in the pools and catching the salmon is something that our kids will never forget.

3. Pizza Boys; Soldotna 

All of you know that we were traveling with 28 people.  As you can imagine, we didn’t eat out very much. One of the great things about having an RV was that we could cook.  We also assigned each family a night to cook dinner for the group.  It worked out great and was SO much easier then trying to take all of our kids to a restaurant every night.  

However, we did want to eat out a few times during the trip.  Pizza Boys in Soldotna was one of our favorites. They were really accommodating to the size of our group.  Their pizza is made from scratch and was delicious.  They also had homemade root beer which my kid’s loved.  

4. Hatcher Pass

My brother and sister in law; Ben and Sierra live in Wasilla, AK with their 4 children.  They have lived in Alaska for 12 years and really have embraced life there.  They are true Alaskans.   We really had the best time with them.  My family arrived in Alaska 3 days before we were suppose to start RVing.  I’m so glad we did.  We were able to spend some quality time at their farm; Wildberry Meadows.   It is a working peony farm and so, so beautiful.   

Sierra loves to hike, and I always trust her opinion.   She recommend we hike at Hatcher Pass.  It is about 30 min from Wasilla and SO beautiful.  The hike was 4 miles round trip with a steady incline.  All of our kids did great.  There is a cute miners cabin on the way and we saw a few little animals.  It was a clear day and you could see the mountains across the Cook Inlet.  The hike ended at the most beautiful mountain lake.   Over all, it was a perfect day and the most beautiful spot. 

5. Lighthouse Seafood Grill & Smokehouse

Like I said, we didn’t eat out very much.  However, all of us mom’s took our kids out for lunch the day that our husbands went deep sea fishing in Homer.   We all wanted fish and chips. We also did not want to take all of our kids and 2 big RV’s down to the Homer Spit.   Lighthouse is a cute little place just down the road from our campground.  It was SO good.

The fish and chips were amazing and SO fresh.  The service was great and they handled 5 mom’s and 17 kids like pro’s.  Definitely stop here if you are ever in Homer.   You will be so glad you did.


We loved our time in Alaska. Check out our itinerary here to see all of the things that made our trip so fun…





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