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Lalani’s Top 5 Oahu Restaurants

Top 5 Oahu Restaurants

Here are my favorite restaurants on the island of Oahu.  Some are local dives that have been there for ever.  Some new favorites by chefs that are reinventing Hawaiian cuisine.  All are amazing…and I couldn’t just pick 5…

1. Leonard’s Malasadas

Malasada’s are my all time favorite food from Hawaii.  Malasada’s are Portuguese donuts.  The original version are a dense sweet dough, rolled into a ball and dipped in sugar.  They also have filled Malasada’s.  These are the same amazing dough with either vanilla custard, haupia (coconut),or  dobash (chocolate) on the inside.  They also have cinnamon and sugar dusted or Ling Hi Mui which is a sweet and sour dust that is SO good.  There is the original Leonard’s store and they also have trucks that drive around the island.  Just make sure that you get at least a dozen.  You will eat them all…and then wish for more. 

2. Seven Brothers

This is my favorite Hamburger on Oahu and one of my favorite’s anywhere.  It is so good.  This cute little restaurant in Laie; on the North Shore is family owned.  It serves awesome hamburgers, sandwiches, awesome fries.  Our favorites are the Paniolo Burger and Crazy Fries.  It is the perfect place to stop after a long day at the beach.

3. Alan Wong’s

I LOVE Alan Wong’s. It is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Honolulu.  This restaurant is definitely pricey, but it is so worth it.  Presidents, celebrities and foodies have all eaten here, but really its the food that is the star.  Our favorites include; the Crusted Ginger Onaga, their Kalua Pig Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup & Ahi Sashimi Salad.  However, the reason I dream about Alan Wong’s is for their dessert.  The Hawaiian Crown Sweet Gold Pinapple “Shave Ice” is literally the BEST thing I have ever eaten anywhere.  Period. It has vanilla panna cotta, coconut tapioca, haupia sorbet and frozen shaved sweet Hawaiian pineapple on the top.  I literally dream about it.  A. LOT.  Make a reservation next time you are on Oahu, thank me later.

4. Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha

Shave Ice is a classic Hawaiian treat.  Uncle Clay’s does it better than anyone else on Oahu, in my opinion. They make their syrup from scratch and have unique awesome flavors and fresh fruit to add to your creation.  Its in downtown Honolulu and totally worth the drive. 

5. Hau Tree Lanai

The Hau Tree Lanai is a Waikiki institution.  It is at the south end of Waikiki on the edge of Queen’s Beach. The restaurant is outside under a gigantic Hau Tree.  It is so beautiful.  I have been coming to the Hau Tree Lanai since I was a tiny little girl.  It was one of my dad’s favorite places to go for breakfast on the weekend.  Their eggs Benedict, Macadamia Nut pancakes and waffles with coconut syrup are still SO good.   Go have breakfast and then stay for the beach.  Its such a fun way to spend a Saturday on Oahu.

Other Favorites’s….

Here are a few more of my Oahu favorites.  


This is a local chain with restaurants all over the island. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My fave’s are the donuts (amazing), saimin, and teriyaki burger.

Ted’s Bakery;

A North Shore institution located on Sunset Beach.  They are famous for their pie, but also have great plate lunches.  My fave’s are the chocolate haupia pie and the chocolate macadamia nut pie.

Liliha Bakery; 

Liliha Bakery has been around since my mom was a little girl.  Their coco puffs are an island tradition.   If you are in town and have a sweet tooth, make sure to stop by and get a dozen coco puffs, a haupia cake, guava cake or ensemada.   You will be SO glad you did. 

Kono’s Restaurant;

Kono’s is another great spot on the North Shore.  It has great breakfast burritos and amazing shake’s.  Stop by if you are hungry after the beach.

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