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Last Minute Germany | Netherlands…Top 5

1. La Perla Restaurant; it was SO good. I would eat there again and again. It’s located in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. If you’re going for dinner make sure to make a reservation. Get the pizza;).

2. Goosebump blankets. I take one with me everywhere that I go. They are perfect for an airplane, long road trip or when your hotel room isn’t that great. They are also great for the beach. Plus their size and weight and price are just right. Check them out at http://www.goosebumpsshop.com/ 

3. German Bakeries (Backerei’s); I LOVE them. Especially the local ones outside of tourist zones. The ones where no one speaks English. Get a sandwich and several pastries. They are always delicious.

4. Amsterdam. This city. I still cannot get over how beautiful it is. I will go there again and again. Actually, to the whole country. It is just that beautiful. We covered a good chunk of it by car and I would love to stay in some of the little towns next time.

5. European Soccer. It’s the best. Even if you aren’t a soccer fan at all, I strongly encourage you to go to at least one match. It’s a cultural experience for sure. There is nothing like it. Just walking into the stadium with the fans is enough. We are already planning our next trip and you can bet there will be at least one soccer match included.  


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