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Love who you are… in La Jolla!

I heard a song today by John Mayer, and one particular line stood out to me. “Will I dim the lights inside me just to satisfy someone”.  Throughout my life, I have fought to be who I am,  nothing different, just me.  I have had years where I felt bad because I couldn’t measure up to the people around me.  I rationalized why I was the way I was.  I am a strong personality, I forget things quickly, I cannot sit still for 5 minutes, I can be disorganized, and I can forget to censor what I say.  These traits can come across negatively, but if you change your perspective, they become positive.  I forget, and forgive quickly, I can accomplish a lot in my need to stay busy, I am spontaneous, and fun, and you always know where you stand with me.  If I am hurt, I will tell you, If I hurt you, I will apologize.   I will be a good friend, and I will always have your back even if I don’t agree, (I will just tell you later:)  Getting older has granted me the blessing of being comfortable in my own skin, and is 100% worth the wrinkles!

Teaching my kids to love themselves also, is one of the greatest things I will do as a Mother.  Any opportunity I  get to have all 4 of my people under one roof is worth stopping everything for!  I want them to be confident in their strengths, and learn to work with their struggles, and only by being together, and disconnecting from life, can I really have the opportunity to influence them.

Last month, my Son had a few weeks of leave from the Military.  Knowing time is limited, I started searching for somewhere close that we could get away from all the distractions of home.  My Son wanted to touch the beach, and see the Ocean before moving far from it, so I picked a city, and off we went.

Knowing California would be colder than July, which is our usual time to visit, I wondered if we would be able to occupy our time.  I started googling on Trip Advisor, “things to do in San Diego” and stumbled upon kayaking in La Jolla.  Instant done deal!  Something to do, animals to see, water to be in, and all my kids ready for adventure.  

We had the best time, and were blessed with amazing weather!!  Even I, who doesn’t touch the Cali Ocean in Summer because its cold, got in the water this trip. We had warm temps, and the water was bearable.  My kids swam, and snorkeled for hours, and it really was a perfect time.  We spent our days outside, and  our nights inside, talking,  and watching movies together.  

I know that in these moments my kids are listening.  They can hear me express my love for them, and can hear me when I  tell them that no matter what, I am always here.  I hope they know to never dim their lights for anyone else and to be exactly who they are, because I believe in them, and they should believe in themselves.

Isn’t that what we all need?  To know someone loves us, and has our backs.  I hope you have someone, and that you are that someone for someone else!

Happy Travels Friends,



Travel Notes:

La Jolla is full of Seals, Shops, Great places to eat, and a Cove that is perfect for Kayaking and Paddle Boarding.  I loved the ability to be out in the water but not necessary in the water fighting waves.  

Where to Stay:  

We chose the Pantai Inn because of location, and the size of the room.  We stayed in a 3 bedroom Suite, with a partial Ocean View.  This Inn far exceeded any expectations I had for our Accommodation.  The Service was comparable to a luxury resort, the grounds, and rooms were clean, and beautiful.  Breakfast was amazing, and included in your room rate.  My kids were given cute stuffed animals upon arrival, and chocolates each night at turndown.  I highly recommend this Inn, and hope to return again myself soon!

What to do:

La Jolla Kayak is who we used for our Kayak exploration.  Our guides were funny, relaxed and really gave us great information about the area, and the wildlife we encountered.  Seriously so fun, and a must do, if you are in San Diego!

SUP,  There is several places to rent paddle boards as you head down to La Jolla Cove.  We rented from La Jolla Kayak after our kayak tour, and had the best time!

Relax, Take a Break, Talk to Each Other, Love who you are, and who your people are!

For Places to Eat, check out the blog On Wednesday.  AZFoodie, will be offering all kinds of recommendations for your trip!








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