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New feelings in Singapore

I just want to share my feelings…

Singapore… It is true that I love to tell stories.  If it was up to me I would spend every post telling you about my experiences, my feelings, and what I learned personally on each trip I take.   I prefer to be on the side of inspiring others, instead of informing.  Lalani, on the other hand is a wealth of knowledge.  She is good at remembering everything and writing it down for everyone to take advantage of.   I am so grateful for her, and the willingness she has for being informative, and for sometimes letting me just tell how a trip made me feel.

So here goes…

Singapore brought a lot of new feelings and thoughts to me while visiting.   Although I loved the scenery; it really is an amazing beautiful place, what I left with was much more than that.

My husband and I had chosen to see the touristy sights on our own, but wanted to see the Country through the eyes of a local.  I prefer to find my tour guides through Tours By Locals   for this very reason.  On this particular trip we chose a guide named Anna.  Her link is listed above.  She lived in Singapore and knew everything about it.  She was able to tell us the history, how the government worked, about the leaders of the country, gave us an inside look into the lives of local residents, and took us to all the places that would give us an understanding of life in Singapore.  

Such Mixed Feelings…

Here is the cold, hard truth.  I loved and hated it all at the same time.  I love to see how other countries operate.  I could have sat and talked all day about the government leaders, the fact there is no homeless, no unemployment, very little government assistance, and the level of security and safety that Singapore prides itself on.  Truly fascinating!

But, when Anna took us into neighborhoods that were very different from home, I felt nervous.  I pride myself on the fact that I can love easily.  I have an ability to change my perspective and give others the grace that I would want myself without much thought.  I constantly tell my kids that being different is what makes us fabulous.  So why did I feel so scared being in areas so different from home?

I realized after a lot of thought that without knowledge or understanding we can find ourselves wrapped in fear.  I spent the afternoon with Anna walking the neighborhoods, eating among the residents, learning about their lives and religion, and leaving with an understanding and an appreciation that I did not have before I went.  

Traveling is Good for the Soul

This is why I love traveling so much.  It makes me better.  Travel pushes you right out of your comfort zones and right in the hearts of many good people.  I still am not immune to fear.  I fight it.  I remind myself constantly that the differences in others are what make them so fabulous and set out to get to know them.

Its a big, beautiful world out there, full of really good people.  How amazing would it be if we all looked at each other with a love for our differences and a common bond of acceptance.  Thats the world I want to live in.

I think I will continue to travel, push my boundaries, and love the world one person at a time.



Information to know…

Here is the information part ❤

The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore, Honestly it was a dream to stay here.  The views, the accommodations, and the bath tub, could not have been better.  I was spoiled on this one!

Tours by locals, Anna was amazing!  Watch out though, she will encourage you to eat fish heads 😂

Gardens by the Bay, Worth the wait, and a must see!! Truly spectacular (Buy your tickets ahead of time to bypass the lines!)

Singapore Flyer, the views are amazing.  Relatively slow and not scary at all.  Worth the ride!!

Marina Bay Sands Skypark.  Hands down the most impressive building I have ever seen.  Go to the top or your will regret if forever!

Night Safari, This was on my list to do but sold out before I bought tickets.  A popular tourist attraction, I think its worth a try because its something a little different!



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