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New York, We Love you!

New York We Love You!

We chose to hi-light New York this week because of 9-11, and the great role New York played on that day. I remember exactly where I was when the first plane was reported colliding with the tower, and remember sitting at home glued to my TV the rest of the day, as I watched the Towers fall. I will never forget the feelings of despair, and hopelessness that I felt in those moments, but I will also never forget the Power of the Human Race that was shown that day. Human kindness, and a will to survive took over the forces of evil that had rocked our nation. Americans stood united as we relied on one another to overcome tragedy. I hope that as a Nation we can find one another, and that we can unite, not in the face of tragedy, but instead for the Love of our Country. My heart still aches for all the lives lost that day, and for the families who had to pick up the pieces, and put their worlds back together. We love you USA.


Jen’s New York.

I have been to New York twice. Once with my husband, and once with my husband, and children. Both trips were very fun, but both were very different.

When my husband and I went, we stayed right in Times Square, at the New York Marriott Marquis We did all the touristy things to do, and spent our days and nights filled to capacity.  I LOVED the location of the Marriott.  Right in the heart of Times Square, the  convenience could not be beat and the views were amazing!

Couples Trip

My list of Touristy Things you Must Do & See

If its New York Fashion Week when you are there, go see a Runway show,  seriously so fun!!!

Top of the Rock Observation Deck
Statue of Liberty
Chelsea Market
Brooklyn Bridge
Take a Food Tour
Ride bikes in Central Park
See a Broadway Play. (We went to Rock of Ages, if you love 80s music, this is a must!  You will be singing the whole time!!)
9/11 Memorial

The Late Show with David Letterman.  Letterman is not on air anymore but there are so many others to pick from and such a fun thing to experience a taping of the shows we all know and love. Here are some other options.  Click Here.

New York Pass...   The New York Pass can be budget friendly if you are visiting enough of the attractions included.   Check out the link to see if it works for you!

Family Trip

When I went with my Children, we rented an apartment in the Upper West Side.  Cost wise, this was a great option. We were able to buy groceries, eat breakfast and lunch at home most days. Plus, it gave my kids the true feel of living in New York.

With the kids our Itinerary changed just a bit, but this is what we did.

Lunch at the American Girl Doll Store
Lion King
9-11 Memorial
Museum of Natural History
Took a carraige ride In Central Park
Mood Fabric Store..

I made a mistake and booked our Family New York trip in March. I don’t recommend this. It was freezing cold, snowed on us several times, and Central Park was dreary. I will have to take my kiddos back someday to show them Central Park in the Summer. What a difference it is!

No matter what you do… where you stay… or where you eat…  NY will not leave you disappointed. It is truly a magnificent city that embraces so many aspects of the American Culture.  Get ready to walk miles, not sleep much, and have the time of your life!




Packing List:  Click here ❤️



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