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Orange County Girls Trip Top 5…

Orange County Girls Trip Top 5…

Here are our 5 favorites from our Orange Country Girls Trip.  Our friend, Shawna did an amazing job of planning the perfect weekend away.  Thanks Shawna… we love you!!!

1. Riding Bikes On Balboa Island

We really like renting bikes when we travel.  Its such a fun way to see a new place.  This trip was no exception.  We rented our bikes from Pedego Electric Bikes in Corona Del Mar.  You can rent both electric and traditional bikes, but I strongly recommend electric.   We had the best time riding all over Corona Del Mar, Newport and Balboa Island.  We ended up riding over 8 miles, got lots of stares and even got called a Lululemon Biker Gang…who knew there was such a thing?;)  It was seriously the best.  Our friend Kristy is a wiz with directions and guided us all over town.  She is also amazing at  bailing off of bikes in intersections….but that’s a story for another day;)


2. Shopping At Barney’s 

What is a girls trip without shopping?  It obviously is a must.  Since we were staying in Corona Del Mar, we decided to spend a day in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.   We walked the Walk of Fame and took pictures in front of the Beverly Hills sign.  We also went to Rodeo Drive.  Rodeo drive is beautiful and full of high end stores.  We decided on Barney’s.   Somehow we ended up in the makeup department.  I’m not really a makeup girl, and what little makeup I do wear; I’ve worn for years.

 Long story short, we all ended up getting made over by the makeup girls at Barney’s.   Additionally, I ended up spending more money than I planned on in the makeup department.  However, I have to say; it really is some of my favorite makeup I’ve ever purchased and I’ll probably use it for years to come.  To see what I bought; go check out this   and this  by Terry. Plus it really was just so fun.


3. Dinner at Sur

Who doesn’t secretly love the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo?   We do too.  So, we couldn’t be in LA and not stop at one of Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant.  We choose Sur.  It was so fun.  Because we had a large party we were seated in private room.  The ambiance was awesome.  The food was really good, and as an added bonus… WE MET KEN!!! Now, I am not celebrity crazy, but it was still really fun.  He was really gracious and came in and took pictures with us.   He also let us pet Giggy his dog.  It really made the night and is something we still laugh about. 


4. The VAN

We have been on a bunch of girls trip over the years and the kiss of death for a girls trip is the group getting separated.   This usually happens when traveling to and from your destination.  Someone gets left out, the group gets separated and people end up doing their own thing.   This ruins the vibe of the trip and sometimes leads to awkwardness and hurt feelings.  Well, Shawna was SO smart and rented this awesome Sprinter Van.  It had room for everyone so we were all able to go everywhere together.  Shawna was amazing at navigating us all over Orange County and LA and we laughed for hours at the looks we all got piling in and out of the van.   If you ever decided to travel in a large group, I strongly recommend a Sprinter Van.  


5. Haute Cakes Cafe

Obviously, one of the best things about girls trips is the food.  We ate a lot of good food while we were gone, but our breakfast at Haute Cakes Cafe was one of my favorite meals.   I think its because I love a good breakfast restaurant and my husband HATES going out to breakfast.  Which is really sad for me.  Haute Cakes had a great menu;  both healthy and not so healthy options.  It was amazing. I highly recommend trying them out if you are in Orange County. 

These were some of our favorites but I really just loved the whole weekend.  Enjoy friends and happy girls tripping:)




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