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Part 1, Mountain Shadows Resort

Girls Trips are a Need

Yep, Girls Trips are still a Need.

I have written about it before, I am writing about it now, and I am sure I will write about it again soon because… I believe Girls Trips are a Need.

As Moms, the demands on our lives are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are always on call, always ready to meet the demands of those we care for, required to hold it together, serve with love, and be a good example. For me, it can be exhausting. It can be lonely, often offer no visible rewards for our efforts, and test us to our capacity. I often find my explosion limit, and after feeling like I cannot do one more thing, do 10 more.

It’s worth the effort!

This is why, I personally require time away. Time to reset, time to reconnect, and time to remember that even in my weakest moments I am normal. I remember how much I love my family, and how much I truly love caring for them.

It is NEVER easy, but when an opportunity to get away with girlfriends arises, I do everything in my power to make it happen. The days leading up to my trip, I am usually SO stressed!! Leaving my family requires preparation. Carpools need to be covered, projects need to be done early, lunches packed, clothes laid out, and all my duties for the time gone, done or rearranged. I often wonder why I am leaving,  “It’s not worth it”, I will say over and over.  I am more tired, even more stressed, and carry the guilt of leaving my kids around with me for days.

Take Time to Reset.

And then I go, and I breathe, and I realize how much I need to be away to reset my crazy. My husband steps in, and although he does not do anything the way I would, does it his way. I believe it gives him the opportunity to connect with the kids, and strengthen his relationship without me in the way. If your kids are like mine, my husband can be sitting right next to them and they will literally come find me to get them a drink. It’s baffling to me, but completely how it works around my house, and I bet yours too.

Whether you take a night in a hotel close to home, or fly to a destination far away, make traveling with friends a priority. Pick a time each year, pick your people, lose all the excuses, and make it happen. It doesn’t have to be exotic or expensive, it just needs to be a priority. I have been on two girls trips recently, both amazing, and both very different.

Part 1

Stay Close to Home.

My first trip was to a Resort close to home. I was so lucky to be able to stay at Mountain Shadows Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This trip was back in November. It was an extra crazy, busy time of year, and completely created all the feelings I have expressed above. I thought I was nuts for agreeing to go, and worried I would get even more behind in all the responsibilities that come as the holidays approach.

Girls trips are always a good idea though, so I decided to take my own advice and make it happen. I knew I needed time to reconnect with my friends, and knew I could use a chance to get started on all my Christmas preparations.

Mountain Shadows Resort

Mountain Shadows Resort turned out to be the best surprise of my trip! I grew up in Arizona, and knew of this iconic property, but I knew little of it in the last few years. I became aware of renovations the Resort had undergone, and became curios and excited to see what this hotel had become.

Upon arrival, I was so happy as the history of the hotel could still be felt through the new modern decor. The food was some of the best I have ever had in Arizona, and the rooms were beautiful, clean, and inviting.  I am not kidding, eat at Hearth 61!!!  I was excited to be there with good friends, and quickly settled into my weekend. I set out to calm my crazy while getting ready for the holidays.

November is Perfect Time for a Girls Trip

Turns out November is the perfect time for a girls trip! I was able to get some of my details worked out for my Thanksgiving dinner while in conversation with my girlfriends, and I started my Christmas shopping.

We spent hours wandering all the stores close to our Resort, which there are tons, and left feeling more prepared and ready for the weeks ahead.

The ease of a location close to home was the key to this trip. My kids barely had time to miss me, but I had plenty of time to find the peace I needed, laugh until my sides hurt, and find happiness in holiday planning with my friends by my side.

A girls trip in November is Genius!! This is a tradition I can get behind, and one I think you can sell easily to your family. This girls trip was is all in the name of “Holiday Preparation”.

Visit Mountain Shadows

Thank you Mountain Shadows for a perfect stay. I highly recommend if you are visiting Arizona, booking a room at this gorgeous property. If you live in Arizona like me, go see what this property has become. Do some hiking, enjoy yoga on the lawn, take in the views, but most of all eat at the restaurant. Phenomenal!!

Mountain Shadows I will see you in February for my Anniversary, and friends….

Book a trip girls, and tell me all about it. Travel Is good for the Soul.




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