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Part 2: Waco, Texas

Part 2. Waco Texas

Oh Waco… I know my travel schedule is a little out of the norm.  Between work trips, family trips, couples trips, and girls trips, I can be gone at least once every month. I hope that as I provide possible destinations, tips to make travel easier, and share my stories with you, you will be inspired to find a way to travel. I truly believe that travel will change you for the better. No matter how many times a year you pack your bag, go at least once. 

Simply Make it Happen

“Simply make it happen” is what lead me to Waco, Texas. In a hallway at church a conversation about a trip thought of, wanted, and dreamed of, but never executed, came to my attention. I was new to this group of friends, but shared their desire to visit this town made famous by HGTV.

I quickly decided to make a visit to Waco a reality, and started planning.

Travel With Me

I went home, got on my computer and started to assemble a girls trip. A variety of dates went out, texting back and forth happened, decisions were made, and flights were booked.  It sounds easy, and it really was.  You will find that if one person is willing to do a little work and take control of planning, a girls trip can always be created!  

Be the One!

So many times I hear women complain about not being included in social events.  They want to go places, want to have friends, but never seem to be a part of it.  My Dad says, “you can wish in one hand, and spit in the other and see which fills up faster”!  I choose to not spit, and not wish, but to take control.  My feelings have  been hurt many times, but not anymore.  I create trips, invite friends or people I want to be my friends, and go places, and do fun things.  Everyone is willing, they are  just waiting to be asked.  I decided years ago, I was good with asking.  Best way to not be left out, is to be in charge of whats going on.  My schedule is jammed packed.  If by chance I get left out of a trip, or a lunch, its ok, I can’t go anyway. ❤️

Go With It

So, this trip became a reality, and I was excited!! To be honest though, as much as I anticipated this get away, I was also a bit hesitant. I really didn’t know these girls I was going with very well at all.

In the spirit of my spontaneous personality, I decided to embrace the adventure for what it was worth.  I would either come home with 4 great friends, or not, but at least I will have been to Waco!!

The Details of Waco

I decided to fly into Dallas, and then drive to Waco. 

This worked great for us.  Due to the fact I did not want to drive a long distance after dark in a place I have never been, we took an early flight out of Phoenix.  We landed in Dallas early afternoon, and headed straight to Velvet Taco for lunch.  It is a good thing this restaurant is in Dallas because I would eat there everyday if I could!  Lalani and I pride ourselves in recommending only places we REALLY LOVE, and Velvet Taco is high on my list!

After lunch we took a quick detour to see Caitlin Wilson Design, and then off to Waco we went!

Alone at Magnolia

We arrived in Waco around 4 Pm on Thursday evening.  We went straight to Magnolia Farms to check it out.  This is what we had come for, and curiosity was killing us.

Our visit with only 2 hours to close was my favorite time we spent at Magnolia.  Upon arrival we realized there were no tourists there at all.  It was us, a security guard and the people working.  The cold weather played into this magnificent turn of events and allowed us to take as many pictures as we wanted, buy our decor without lines, and ship it all home without one ounce of waiting or hassle.  

I highly recommend spending some later afternoon hours at Magnolia.  The crowds were dramatically less even on the busier days!

Side notes:  Shipping over $75.00 at Magnolia is free with Fed Ex which is on site, but you do have to pay for shipping materials.  

Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery are most often sold out late afternoon.  So be sure you have a morning to wait in line if you want the coveted flavors.  I loved the Vanilla!!!

Thursday night we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, slept in, started Friday at noonish, shopped until the stores closed, ate dinner, and and did it again Saturday!

Sunday we shopped in the morning, ate at Torchy’s Tacos one more time, and drove back to Dallas.  

With the few hours we had before we needed to be at the airport we visited the 6th Floor Museum, and ate at The Twisted Root Burger Company.  The burgers and the shakes were off the charts good!  The 6th Floor Museum is part of our story as a Nation, and definitely a must see!

Top 5 Favorites from this trip…

  1.  The food.  Do not miss…  Georges Restaurant.  Eat there every night, its sooooooo good!!! Torchy’s Tacos. The guacamole and variety of tacos are to die for!!!  Take a to go order back to your room for a late night snack!  Heritage Creamery, Common Grounds, and Moroso’s are all honorable mentions
  2. Heart of Downtown Waco. Anytime you are in charge of an accommodation for others it can be nerve racking.  This one was a win on our trip.  Our AirBnb was clean, decorated to perfection, full of thoughtful extra touches that will keep you warm, as well as hydrated ❤️.  The fact the beds were comfortable, clean and gave us the ability to all be together was awesome.  One side note… This location is amazing because it is in the heart of downtown, literally.  It is also next to a club that plays music until 2 AM.  If you are looking for an early to bed kind of place you may want to bring ear plugs, but if like us, you are going to talk  into the late hours of the night, this would be my choice again and again. Perfect for our group!
  3. All the home decor stores.  Shop Shop Shop!  Here are some of our favorites.  The Findery, (I bought stuff here), Christi’s, Spice Village, so much to see here, and (I bought stuff here), Junque in the Trunk, Harp Design ,( I bought stuff here),  The Junky Monkey, Salavage Sisters, Simply Irresistible,( I bought stuff here), that houses Redeemed Decor which we love, and some others I don’t remember the names of 😉  (Refer to my bottom note regarding how to get all the stuff you buy home!)
  4. Waco Tours.  When in Waco, learn about it.  Waco Tours took us to all the Fixer Upper homes, shopping, and gave us the history of this town.  I loved knowing the stories behind the place we had flown to see from the people who live here, and helped to create what Waco is today.  Book ahead of time, it can sell out, and you don’t want to miss out.
  5. Magnolia.  I loved everything Magnolia.  I am building a house and came home with many new decor items that will remind me for years of a trip I had an amazing time on.

Ive been asked can you spend 4 days in Waco, Texas.  The answer is a hard yes. We were not rushed, were able to see the town, shop the stores, enjoy the food, and love being together.  One of my favorite girls trips to date.

Thank you Rebecca, Nicole, Tara, and Jennie for taking a chance on me, and traveling with me.  Love you all, and cherish the deeper friendships we have created❤️❤️❤️



PS, Pack an empty bag in your checked bag so you can fill it up.  Its cheaper to pay to check an extra bag than ship from the stores you buy from, and way cheaper than paying for an overweight bag!  Remember Magnolia will ship free anything over $75.00, you pay for packaging but anywhere else you have to get it home😉


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