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Real Mom’s Travel; Toronto, Canada

Real Mom’s Travel; Toronto Canada

Our Real Mom this month is Erika Fellers.  Erika is lives in San Diego with her husband and 3 kids.  They love to travel and adventure together.  We asked Erika to write about her trip to Toronto with her husband; Todd.  We can’t wait to read all about it….

Visit Toronto 

Toronto is such a fun, metropolitan city! There’s a great variety of things to do and see, that you can pretty much find something for everyone here, from the theater, to sports and shopping, and art galleries. My husband, Todd and I were here in July, and the weather was nice and summer-y, but not too crazy humid or hot. Although I’ve heard that it’s not always the case and that it can get quite humid. I guess we just got lucky!

To me, Toronto seems to be a mix of England and America – in fact, its former name was York but then it was changed to Toronto in order to differentiate itself from New York City. Toronto actually kind of reminds me a little of Chicago – close to the water with lots of neat architecture. The people are really nice, friendly and helpful, and I never tired of hearing “eh” or “sorry” or “pasta” said in their wonderful Canadian accents. 

Where to Stay

We stayed at the Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel, which is a must for any major league baseball fan. The hotel is connected to the Rogers Centre where the Toronto Blue Jays play. They have this big glass wall in the lobby for hotel guests to view the games. You can also book rooms that have the views of the ballfield so you don’t even need to leave your hotel room to watch a game!

What to Eat

There are also some amazing places to eat! (That’s always a priority for us!) The Indian food scene is big in Toronto, and I totally recommend eating at Bindia Indian Bistro! We also loved the unique and delicious tacos at Las Carnitas; in fact we went there twice during our stay.  If you like Cuban food, La Cubana is worth going to as well. And if you like treats as much as my husband and I do, there are so many places to choose from! We loved the vanilla bean ice cream stuffed cinnamon roll from Bang Bang Ice Cream, and if you’re a fan of Momofuku milk bar in New York City, then you need to stop at their location in Toronto.

And one last thing, if you haven’t tried a Beavertail, it’s a definite must when you’re in Toronto! It’s a deep fried concoction topped with your choice of toppings…I chose Nutella and bananas. A Canadian original. 

There is also a semi-famous food cart down the steps near the CN Tower that sells the best custom hot dogs (crazy topping options) and fries! 

What to Do

Just like most other big cities, Toronto has wonderful shopping. Because the winters are so cold in Toronto, and summer is so humid, an underground shopping, restaurant and entertainment network was built in 1987, called The PATH. It also connect office towers and public transit. It is really cool! I even saw a dental office down there. 

If you’re looking for higher-end shopping, you can take the subway to Yorkdale where you will find pretty much any brand you’re looking for. This was a nice upscale mall and was pretty easy to get to. 

For a fun and local feel, visit St Lawrence’s market. It’s an indoor market in a red brick building that sells everything from local food to crafts and locally made souvenirs.

We loved reading all about Toronto and can’t wait to visit. Thanks Erika!!! 


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