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Road Trip the Oregon Coast

Summer Road Trip; the Oregon Coast…

As I mentioned in my post on great summer destinations; here, the Oregon Coast is one of my most favorite places to take my family during the summer.

We took my kids two years ago and it was SO fun. Nate and I, all four of my kids, and my parents drove from Phoenix and camped along the way in an RV. Nate stayed for a few days and then flew back to Phoenix to work. In total we were gone for 14 days. Here is what we did and why I would do it all again.

Crescent City, CA…

Crescent City is way up at the top of California near the Oregon Border. It is very close to Redwood National Park and had a great little KOA campground. We stayed here for two nights and went into the park for one day.

My kids really loved the redwoods, hiking on the trails and looking at the trees. They also loved learning about Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. It can be really rainy here, but we got lucky and both of our days were super sunny.

Gold Beach, OR…

After Crescent City, we drove north to Gold Beach, Oregon. Gold Beach sits right on the ocean. It is such a pretty spot. It is a small little costal town, with a lot of charm, old buildings and plenty of history. We stayed in a great little camp ground just off the beach. There was a little creek that ran through the campground and my kids loved fishing in. They also brought their bikes and a soccer ball and found kids in the campground to play with in the evenings.

We went to the beach several days while we were there. The water in Southern Oregon is cold, but again we got lucky and had sunshine almost the entire time. Although the water is cold, there is still so much to do on the beach. Looking for sea shells, cool rocks and drift wood became my kids’ favorite pass time.

I mentioned that we were there with my parents. They are awesome grand parents. They love to take my kids camping and always have fun things to do. It was also nice being with them because my mom is always great about watching my little kids so that I can do fun things with my older boys. One of the really fun things that we did this trip was we on a river tour. We took Jerry’s Rogue Jet tour and it was awesome!! They take you up the Rouge River, feed you lunch and give you one wild ride. My daughter, Caroline was five at the time and a bit of a daredevil LOVED it.

Fish and Chips and Blackberry Pie…

My kids and I both love fish and chips and blackberry pie. While we were in Oregon we made a point of finding our favorites. I think we probably ate pie at least 7 times.

One day we took a trip up the coast to go blueberry picking at this little family owned farm just outside of Port Orford (which by the way, I totally recommend.). In addition to blueberries, we also happened to find some awesome fish and chips!! They were SO good. It was a cute little place called the Hungry Norwegian. If you are every in that part of the world, definitely stop by.

Now for the pie. Like I said, we ate a lot of pie. Our favorite ended up being in Gold Beach at the Porthole Cafe. It was SO good. I mean really good. I dream about this pie.

Crater Lake…

After leaving Gold Beach we headed away from the coast toward Crater Lake. I remembered going to Crater Lake as a kid and really wanted my kids to see it. We camped at another campground outside of the park. We were able to canoe at a little stream inside of the campground, but there were also ton of mosquitos. If we go again, I would definitely stay in the National Park.

Crater Lake itself is so beautiful. My kids loved learning about the history and geology of the park. We also did a short little hike, that they though was really fun. There is a boat rid that takes you either across the lake or to the little island in the center of the lake which we should have done. Over all it was totally worth the time it took to get there.

This was such a fun trip with so many beautiful places and so many fun memories.


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