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Rocky Point Top 5…

 Ok, so our trip to Rocky Point was hosted (sponsored) by the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau. They invited a diverse group of Bloggers, Influencers and Journalists to Rocky Point to help advertise their “Arizona’s Beach” Campaign. Some of the things they provided for us made our Top 5, others didn’t.  


One thing that I can tell you however, is that, I had never been to Rocky Point before and I am hooked. My family and I will be back many, many times…


1. Sandy Beach.

Sandy Beach is the stretch of beach that runs in front of all of the resorts in the hotel zone of Rocky Point. It is beautiful. I am from Hawaii, so I am a tough critic when it comes to beaches. In my opinion U.S. West Coast beaches are ok, and they will do in a pinch, but they aren’t my favorite. Sandy Beach on the other hand is amazing. If I had known it was this good, I would have been coming here for years. The water is clear, clean and warm but not too warm. The sand is clean, and doesn’t have seaweed everywhere plus the grain of the sand is so close to Hawaiian sand…and during low tied there are tied pool and so many shells. I loved it!!


2. ​Churros Peñasco

 Our schedule was pretty packed while were ​ ​were in Rocky Point and almost all of our meals were arranged ​​for us. However, my friends Marcee and Elisha told me that ​​these Churros would change my life. They were right. This little ​​road side stand just off of Ave Benito Juarez is only open from ​​6pm till midnight. We got the “little” churros with cream and ​​dulce de leche. I’ve dreamed about them every night since.


3. ​Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

 Our accommodations ​​were picked for us. We did not have any say at all. The ​​​members of the trip were spread out over three different ​​​properties along Sandy Beach. I’m not gonna lie, this made me ​​nervous. For as much as I have traveled, I am a bit high ​​​maintenance when it comes to hotels. Anyone who really knows ​​me knows that I have a massive phobia of popcorn ceilings and I ​would rather sleep in my sleeping bag in the car than in a scary ​​hotel room. Well, I had nothing to worry about. Las Palomas ​​was great. I would stay there again and again. The grounds, ​​pools and common areas are as nice as any good resort in ​​​Cancun or Cabo. Our 2 bedroom unit was modern and very ​​clean. I was completely comfortable. As I understand it, each ​​unit at Las Palomas is individually owned. Make sure to check ​​out the reviews on each unit prior to booking.


4.​Vidanta Jack Nicklaus Signature Peninsula Golf Course.

​​First, I am not a golfer. At All. I’ve golfed 4 rounds in my entire ​​life. However, this golf course was amazing!! They let us hit a ​​few balls and drive golf carts all around the course. It sits right ​​on the ocean and the views are unbelievable. Plus, we were ​​talking to a few golfers at the club house and they said the ​​​course was almost as good as their favorite courses in Arizona. ​​If you are a golfer you should check it out. Did I mention that the ​view was unbelievable?


5. ​Mango flowers with Tajin

I really don’t need to say anything ​​else. They sell them on the beach for $2. They are delicious. ​​You can also get them plain, but you really should just go for it ​​and get it with Tajin;)


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