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My Singapore Trip, Top 5

Singapore Top 5…  We decided to visit Singapore purely by chance.  We had 400,000 miles on a Credit Card that we had been saving for years.  This card in particular held many different restrictions.  Long story short, after a lengthy conversation with a travel agent I spoke the words, ” well, where can we go, and fly first class?”  Singapore was her answer and so a trip was traveled.

Here are my Top 5 + 1 more for fun!


 Gardens by the Bay: It is spectacular during the day, and at night.  Truly a must see!!


Fish Massages:  It is no secret I love to get a massage. I was excited when we stumbled upon a fish salon by the Singapore Flyer and was 100% in for the experience.  A lot of screaming and laughing by me, and all the workers involved, and maybe a few traumatized fish, created a fun memory I will never forget!


Our tour with Anna from Tours by Locals.  Pushed my comfort zones in many different ways.  I am a better person because of my day with Anna.


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel:  This building is Amazing!!!! Maybe one of my favorite things I have ever seen.  Truly Breathtaking.  Don’t forget to go to the top!!  Its a check that off your list, oh I have been there,  kind of place!


Bali.  Just a short plane ride from Singapore is Bali, and I loved Bali!!  Just a note, Singapore is relatively easy to get to.  In fact there is a direct flight from LAX.  Spend a few days there and then pick another Country close by.  Honestly there are some amazing ones to choose from!


Because I never have just 5😉. Singapore Flyer:  The views are amazing and the ride is relaxing.  We did a lot of walking in Singapore and this was a great break!

I Loved Singapore and loved my experience there.  This trip will probably stay in my Top favorites for years to come.  




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