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Thailand Top 5 Memories…

I cannot come up with a top 5 favorite things for Thailand because…  Thailand has a million things I love! So, here are the Top 5 Memories from my trip.   (Click here for Thailand Itinerary)

1. Food.  I liked Thai Food before I went to Thailand, and now I love Thai food as much as I love Hamburgers!!  I am a pretty picky eater.  I grew up on meat and potatoes and usually stick to what I know,  but Thai Food, YUM.   With all its coconut curry flavors, and mangoes as part of dessert, Yes Please!!!  Also, the food in Thailand tastes just the same as Thai food in America, and that is a huge win!!  Everywhere we ate was amazing, hands down my favorite food on a trip ever!  (yep, even over all the pizza in Europe:)

2.  Longtail Boats.  I love to experience things/adventures that are local to the area.  I loved riding in the longtail boat, and experiencing the view as a local would do.  Tours with Tong, took us on a canal ride in Bangkok, and helped us to get a glimpse into the life of the people.  Learning about, and getting to know locals will always be a favorite of mine, no matter where I am in the world. 

3.  Pirates.  I can’t tell the pirate story (Read last post why) but what I can say is that I love coming home with stories.  I love letting my guard down, talking to the people around me, and being open minded.  Travel has changed me for the better.  I think I am more compassionate, and understanding of peoples differences, and love to hear the stories behind them.  The Human race is beautiful, and travel shows you this first hand!

4.  Elephants and Tigers.  The ablity to experience, and interact with the Elephants and Tigers was magical.  Again, it is so important to research  the “preserve” or “sanctuary” you visit, but if you find one you believe in, you can make a difference in the lives of the animals, and walk away with understanding, love, and amazing memories.

5.  Negative Edge Pools.  I REALLY love water.  I REALLY love swimming.  If you can swing a hotel with a private pool, do it!!!  I made it my mission to spend nearly every free moment in the water in Phuket.  Luckily, my room had an amazing, private, negative edge pool, and the Resort had many additional Stunning Pools.  I personally swam in every pool on premises, even the rooftop bar:). If you go to Phuket, go to Sri Panwa,  I may just move in, and meet you there!!

Side Note…  Have a Good Attitude

I can be complicated.  Most of the time I feel as if I am easy to get along with.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t always make getting along with others so easy.  On this trip, I chose, yep chose to have negative feelings toward EVERYONE on the trip.  There was a lot of back story leading up to this vacation, but what I learned is that none of that matters.

Thankfully, by the end things were kinda ok.  Sadly, I cannot take back the negative attitude I had, and the darkness it brought to moments on our trip.  

What I learned is, we all have struggles, they just look different.  When we change our perspective and find forgiveness, love and compassion find us.

I have apologized a million times for my bad attitude on parts of this trip.  I wish I would have communicated before hand so none of the feelings would have came with us.

Communicate, love your people, forgive, and seek forgiveness.  That is how we can truly be happy!

And, even though this part of my trip exists, Thailand is still my favorite!!!  Love it, love my friends,  and love my family.

Loves to you,




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