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Oh Thailand…

How I love you so! 

Thailand was not somewhere I had planned to go.  My trip was the result of one of my Husbands business trips.  He flew to Asia a week or so before me, and I flew in towards the end of his week to meet him, and travel to Thailand.  Little did I know how much I would love this Country.

Bangkok, Thailand

We arrived in Bangkok late at night, and early the next morning set out to see the city.  We hired an English speaking guide with a private car (Tours with Tong) and planned to visit an Elephant Sanctuary.  As we spoke to our guide, he added a few additional  stops, that would lead us into a second day, but  turned out to be Amazing experiences that  I will never forget.

With Tong; we fed baby tigers, swam with elephants, ate at a roadside restaurant that had the most incredible Thai food imaginable, got a massage, visited the floating market to shop for souvenirs, and went to the Temple Wat Pho.   

The experience of feeding and playing with the baby tigers will go down in the books for me as one of the most incredible things I have ever done.  The place we went was full of volunteers from all over the world who loved and cared for these animals.  I have become aware since I came home of a dark side to the treatment of the tigers. In my experience, we did not see it, and the hours we spent with the baby’s and the caretakers were magical.  I can only hope that the place we were takes care of these amazing animals as we thought they did.  Be sure to research your encounters before you book with a tour. In my opinion, no experience is worth the mistreatment of an animal❤️

The elephant sanctuary came in a close second to the tiger feedings.  We swam and played with the elephants, and fed them after a fun day of interaction.  I will advise you to wear pants, and try to get them thick enough to prevent the elephant hair from scratching you.  Turns out, elephants have coarse hair, and if you have sensitive skin like me, can cause problems.   I had a rash on the inside of my legs for days after my ride.  (Again, be aware of the existence of animal cruelty and research the elephant sanctuary you visit. You definitely want to walk away feeling good about your interaction, and the care of these beautiful animals.) 

Why I love private tours…

One of the things I love most about private tours is that you can customize them based on what your individual party wants to do.  After our busy day, Niwat recommended a massage, and if you have read my post on Massages, you know that I was 100% in!  He took us to a local Massage salon, and although our party of 4 getting massages in one room was a little awkward, it was so fun, and still brings laughter to me every time I think about it.  

I have such great memories of our two days with Niwat.  I felt that we were able to really see a good portion of Bangkok, learn of the culture, history, and religion, and experience animals like nothing I had ever imagined.

Bangkok was an important part of understanding Thailand, but paradise awaits and now we are off to Phuket.














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