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The Beginning of a Trip… Asia

The Beginning of A Trip…  Asia

Work brought travel into my life, and as my kids got older, and traveling was easier, I wanted to show my kids the world too.   I wanted them to fall in love with learning new things, experiencing new places, and grow an appreciation for the beauty in being different.  There are many lessons to be learned by leaving your comfort zones (going to Asia), navigating foreign lands, and meeting people who are unlike you, but in many ways just the same.

Each of my kids has been told that in their Senior year of High School we will take them on a trip. For my oldest son, that meant shark diving in Hawaii. For my oldest daughter it meant a trip to some of the Countries in Asia I had been to, and a few I had not.

Brooklyn’s first thought for a trip was to see Europe. That was great with me, I love Europe, and so many things about it. The problem was, when we started talking about what we would do while there, Brooklyn was no longer interested. She was not dreaming of seeing the Sistine Chapel, or wandering the streets of Venice. She was craving adventure, zip lines, and elephant sanctuaries. After this realization, we knew we were headed to the land we often visit, Asia.


Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

For our trip, we started in Hong Kong, and because we were bringing my two youngest along, we decided to see the city, and do a day at Hong Kong Disneyland. Off to Thailand after that, then Cambodia, and finishing in Vietnam.

We planned a lot of beach time, and a few tours ahead of time that I knew were most important to Brooklyn.

I know that my travel to Asia is not the norm. Most people do not even desire to go to that part of the world, but I hope after writing about it the next few weeks, that you may be inspired to go, and give the land I love a chance.

Traveling to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia takes work. There are exhausting hours traveling, and it can be a stretch to your comfort zones. But, the experiences you can have while there are like no other, and in my opinion worth an exploration when planning your future travel.

Time to Plan…

The greatest thing about picking a destination with a future date attached is that you are given time to plan, time to search for and watch airline deals, and even better use points effectively.

(Google Flights is one of my favorites because… you can search a flight, click to watch it, and receive emails as the price fluctuates. This allowed me to save over $400.00 per ticket when booking this trip!)

I am a firm believer that traveling is good for the soul. It has been a blessing to our family, and provided us with some of our most treasured memories together. Travel is worth the saving, the planning, and every ounce of effort it takes to make a trip happen.
Dream of far away places, and then go. Put action behind your thoughts. There are so many resources that make traveling easier than ever before, and really the whole world lies right at your fingertips. Now, dream, plan, and go.



Side Note…  (I have a lot of these 😂)

I have not been a fan of Essential Oils in the past because frankly I think they are smelly.  BUT…. huge but!!!!, I was so determined to keep my family healthy that I had a good friend put together a travel pack for me to take on my trip.  I knew with 11 flights and tons of foreign germs, and kids, that sickness was waiting for us!

So, here is what I used, and I will tell you, I WILL NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT THEM AGAIN!


In order of my favorites, All DoTerra Brand

  1. On Guard– protective blend, boosts immune system.  We rubbed on our palms before take off and randomly through the trip!
  2. Melaleuca– First Aid for the Skin.  (great for itchy mosquito bites)
  3. Breathe– Respiratory Support (even a sign of congestion and I rubbed on the palms and breathed in the smell, worked like a charm and the congestion never became a problem!)
  4. Terra Shield- Mosquito Repellant
  5. Lavendar- Rub on the bottom of feet to help settle down for sleep.
  6. Purify– Mix beforehand and spray in Room, on bedding etc. to remove environmental  hazards.


Chinese Numerology System…  As taught to us by the Fabulous Jaime the tour guide!

1 Certain

2 Double

3 Triple // also a lucky number

4 Death

5 turns a good number bad and a bad number good

6 easy life

7 luck

8 wealth

9 long life, plus it is related to the dragon and thats a good thing!

0 money

so a birthday of  8/16/2000

is wealth, certain easy life, double money money money


is double certain death, certain long life, death turned good because 5 makes the 4 opposite (go figure on that one😂)

Here is a link to a much more in detailed meaning of each number.  Such a fun thing to learn, and to the Chinese, a very serious tradition!





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