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The Golden Arches


I AM NOT…a McDonald’s fan, no offense. We never eat at McDonalds when we are home. Ever. My kids use to beg and plead for happy meals, but now they have come to accept that if they want fast food, their options are Chick fil A, In and Out or Chipotle. In general, I am a mostly healthy person and I try to raise my kids to be mostly healthy too. I drink green juice, take probiotics and try to watch my macros. I do interval training. However, I have a few weaknesses; I drink full sugar soda on Fridays and Saturdays and I love a good cheeseburger once a week.

McDonald’s is not one of my weaknesses. Except in foreign counties. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s because they have fountain drinks, and ice. I love ice. There is something about being in a foreign place that makes things that feel like home and familiar; super awesome…even McDonalds.

It all started the first time that I went to Mexico and it has carried on to today with my boys in Europe. Don’t get me wrong, we ate our weight in gelato, crepes, pizza and croissants. We also ate at McDonald’s in 8 out of 10 countries. FYI…the Vatican didn’t have McDonalds and we weren’t in Slovenia long enough to find one.

It became a fun game. Where would we find one, what would they looked like on the inside, and what different menu items would they have that were unique to that country. As an added bonus, they had Euro Cup memorabilia too. My boys loved it. Plus on days when our systems had had one too many pastries or the German food wasn’t sitting just right, we knew that we could find something that tasted like home. Even if it was a McDonald’s Coke (with extra ice) and fries. It helped us all, in that moment, not feel so far from home


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