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We have taken our kids literally all over the world, and no matter where we are,  about 4 to 5 days into our vacation, my teenagers want to go home.  Due to the fact I am not as cool as their friends, and they can only spend limited time away from these friends, finding places to go that will hold thier attention can be tricky.

Chase Graduates, and that Is Something to Celebrate!

For my Sons high school graduation present we offered him a trip anywhere in the world.  Now, let it be known, Chase has hated school since the day he started, and his Graduation was not only a celebration for him, but for me!!!  No more, “Chase, did you do your homework?”, or “Chase did you know your attendance is required at school?”.  I wanted this trip to be amazing and so I started suggesting locations.

Chase is my kid who loves adventure, cannot sit still for five minutes, and is the first to tire of vacation every time.  Knowing this, I had all these exotic ideas in mind,  but what did he choose?  


We had been to Hawaii twice with Chase.  Once, was for his cousins Make A Wish trip before she passed away of a brain tumor.  The other was a family trip to Maui where we were stranded for 18 days after a major airline shutdown.

I am not sure if all the emotion we have had on the islands, is what led Chase back to this destination at such a pivotal point in his life, but I also felt that it just seemed right.

I went to work trying to figure out what we would do, which is the most important part when Chase is involved, and where we would stay.

Lalani, being the Hawaiian that she is, suggested a shark dive, and with that, Chase’s Senior trip was born.

One Ocean Diving

I am a fan of anything a little out of the box, and literally, this is what One Ocean Diving Provides.  We dove Cage Free, with Sharks!!  Me, along with 5 teenagers, and a dive guide, took a boat out into the waters off the North Shore and swam with about 20 beautiful tiger sharks.

It was the most amazing experience, and one I highly, like you MUST do it, recommend.  

The Expertise of @Juansharks could not have been more professional, and reassuring.  Never was I afraid, or leery of our safety.  Chase swam far from the boat, and loved the experience he had!  Mission Accomplished.

How to win with a Teenager, and your Little kids at the Same time!

After knowing what we would do, I put a few more elements to reassure the success of this trip.

One.  I let Chase bring 2 friends, and My cousin and her family came.  I love my kids, and I love their friends.  Bringing his graduating friends, and cousins meant that Chase, would not need to go home as quickly, and would settle into vacation a little easier.  This also meant my little kids had cousins, which assured happiness to them too!

Two.  Disney Aulani.  I looked at all the major hotels on Oahu, and for us, for many reasons, Aulani worked.  We were able to get a suite that fit our family, and had room for the extra boys.  Everyone was completely entertained, and I felt safe in the accommodations, which in turn, let me, let them, wander a little more freely.  This element of freedom made my teens, HAPPY, but left me posing for a picture with Mickey all by my lonesome self!!!

Three. Poker.  This may not make me the parent of the year, but my kids know how to play Poker, and are actually quite good at it.  We brought cards, put a $20 reward to the winning player on the table, and my teens spent a few hours with us every night  playing cards.  Life lessons, some math, and quality time.  Thanks Poker:)


This week, we will dive into Oahu.  We will give you an understanding as only Lalani can, of the options of Oahu.  Paradise awaits, and we want you to love every minute of it!!

And, for the record, at the end of our trip, I asked Chase if he loved his vacation, and he stated, “BEST TRIP EVER!”

Thank you One Ocean Diving, and Aulani. for an amazing trip.  My Son is now living out a different dream as a Soldier in the Army, and I will cherish these memories in Paradise forever!

Happy Travels, 










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