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Things To Know…European Road Trip

  1. Flights to London are generally more expensive than other places in Europe. This is due to Britain’s expensive Airport Passenger Duty (APD) which is a departure tax that is levied on outgoing passengers. This is not unique to Britain, but their tax is up to ten times more than other countries in Europe. This, coupled with high airport surcharges make flights in and out of London and specifically Heathrow, almost always much more expensive. Do your homework and know that you can still get to London, even if you choose to fly into another airport. Plus, it can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.
  2. Do a bike tour in Paris. It’s a great way to see so much of the city in a short period of time. We used Blue Bike Tours with Blue Fox Travel and we loved every min of it.
  3. Don’t be afraid to rent a car and drive through Europe. We rented and returned our car at the Paris airport, it was easy. Get a car that takes diesel and make sure you have cell phone service and a good maps app. During our 3800 mile trip and across 4 different languages, we only made one wrong turn. It really was such a fun way to see so much.
  4. Cell service. Check with your carrier because every one is different. We have Verizon and for $10 a day my husband added international service to his phone. We had full service; texting, email, hot spot ability and cell service the entire time that we were in Europe. It was fantastic.
  5. Food. We loved the food in Europe. However, we had a hard time eating all of the yummy food that we wanted to. We were so off of our schedule and ended up missing meal times A.LOT. My husband stayed up late most nights to work, then we would wake up late. This caused us to eat a late breakfast and then we missed lunch. Most restaurants would close after lunch service and then not open again for dinner until 7. But we were hungry at 4. Make sure you plan your food out so that you can eat at all the places that you want to try. Know their hours and service schedule.

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