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Top 5… Road Trip Essentials

Top 5… Road Trip Essentials

Jen & I both love a good road trip.  We love how easy road trips are for kids, the freedom to  pull over whenever you want, and the ability you have to really experience the places that you are seeing.  I personally love being able to stop at farm stands, local points of interest or even run through a beautiful field at will.  Here are our Top 5 must have’s for any road trip.

1. A Paper Map or Atlas

Jen and I both grew up with dad’s who believed in paper maps.  I know with my dad; all serious trip planning began with pulling out the Atlas and a highlighter and marking out our trip.   Then during the trip, I often served as navigator and  helped my dad as he drove.  To this day we have an Atlas in our car and I often assign one of my kids to navigate.  We also will turn off electronics for a time and play games with the Atlas.  Things like naming the capitals of each state, which state has the largest population or the state flowers.  It is lots of fun, helps our family to bond and teaches my kids a life skill all at the same time.  Plus if the GPS goes out or we run out of service, we are covered.   You can buy them on Amazon (Rand McNally is our fave) here

2. An App for Traffic 

Our favorite traffic app is Waze.   It tells you everything from reported accidents, police speed traps, highway closures and road work.  It really makes trips so much easier.  If you haven’t already, you should down load it now.

3. Feminine Urinary Director

This handy little contraption is a major lifesaver for the ladies.   How many times have we had to pee in the middle of no where  on a road trip and been faced with the loose/loose choice of either holding it for way too long or trying to gracefully pee on the side of the road?  I am terrible at both.  This saves my life. I bought this based on a recommendation before I hiked the Inka Trail in Peru.  It was a lifesaver then, and continues to help me now.  It allows girls to pee like boys and it works like a charm.  My favorite is the Sani-Fem Freshette Feminine Urinary Director.  It is sold at REI.  Buy it now, thank me later.

4. An App for Gas Stations

We have all be forced to pull over at gross gas stations.  The ones where the gas is super expensive, the treats are bad and you are afraid you might catch something if you use the restrooms.   Now there are apps that rate gas stations in all of these areas.  It will help you to plan out your stops or at the very least, give you a heads up on the bathroom situation.  Our favorite gas station app is gasbuddy.  Download it today.

5. Toilet paper, A knife or Gerber Tool & A First Aide Kit

These are all pretty self explanatory and completely necessary.  I recommend you carry them in your car always; just in case.  We never leave home without these.


This is our list of road trip essentials.  We would love to know what you can’t live without.  For more on Six Little Bird’s Road Trips click here and here.




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