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Hanh’s Top 5 Hikes in Arizona

Hike Arizona

Different opportunities in life bring you to different people.  I was so excited for all the people Lalani and I would meet as we started our journey with Six Little Birds Travel.  Hanh, who we met in the beginning is by far, one of my favorites.  She is genuine, beautiful, and just a really good person.  Not only is she all those things, she’s the Queen of hiking in my books, and today I wanted to share her Arizona hike recommendations with you.  My goal is to complete all of these next year.  Thanks Hanh for inspiring me, and I know if you love it, it will be amazing and worth the effort❤️

Hanh’s Suggestions

1. Peralta in the Superstitions – ake Weavers Needle and definitely go to lone pine

2. Blackett’s Ridge in Tucson – steep little hike but the view is incredible along the way.

3. Watson Lake Loop in Prescott – nothing strenuous , just fun to walk around a beautiful body of water

4. Elephant Mountain in Cave Creek

5. Toms Thumb in the McDowells– love all the boulders and rocks! Nice change from seeing saguaros all the time.


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