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Travel Heals the Heart

Travel Heals the Heart

Maine, and the New England area will always have a special place in my heart.

 After Chase left for basic training in the Army, we left for New England. I was looking to drown my sorrows in a good old fashioned road trip with Jared and the kids. We chose the New England area because Brooklyn had a medical summer camp at Harvard University, in Boston.

New England  is made up of: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut,  Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Due to this fact, Brooklyn’s summer plans essentially created our family trip.  We were going to cover a lot of mileage, so,  I purchased a “real” paper map, and spent weeks figuring out our itinerary.  I was determined to visit  each of the New England states.

Why travel is SO exciting…

Part of what is so thrilling about traveling is seeing and experiencing new places and things.  I was excited for this trip because it was an area I had never been to.   I often type in the google search bar, or Trip Advisor (my fav), Top things to do in ……, or unique things to do in……, or things you must do in…… This trip was bound to be full of historical sites, beautiful scenery, and a few adventures unique to the area.

One of the places I wanted to stay with my littles, was a Bed and Breakfast. I was hesitant because I previously had been to bed and breakfasts, and not seen a-lot of little people. I felt they were for couples, or solo travelers, but not a family of 5. Determined to give my kiddos this experience, I started calling B&Bs in the New England area knowing I could plan my trip around where we were staying. I would ask, “how do you feel about kids”? Truth is… most B&Bs didn’t feel great about them!! I also ran into the problem of one bedroom rooms, with no adjoining doors. This really didn’t work with an 11 and 8 year old, I definitely needed to be able to see them.

The Brewster House…

I finally stumbled upon the Brewster House, in Freeport Maine, www.brewsterhouse.com  The owners had just acquired the property, had kids of their own, and were determined to make our stay, and this experience with our kids a great one. They also had a king size room with an adjoining room containing 2 twin beds. Perfect!

Looking back, I cannot say enough great things about Chef Dave, and his wife Kelleigh!! Our arrival was greeted with a warm welcome. The beds and linens were clean and comfortable. They prepared cookies for my gluten free kids which made their day!! Dave and Kelleigh gave us advice on things to do, fed us with the most incredible meals, let me do laundry in their machines, and cared for us like we were friends visiting from out of town.

This is exactly the experience I wanted to show my kids, and the warm feelings I needed for my aching heart.  When we left, I felt that we were leaving friends. I have stayed in hotels all over the world, I love them, but there is something to be said for a home with a porch, cookies, and a warm welcome. If you are in the Maine area, go, you will not regret your stay. We found a taste of home, far from home, made new friends, and created memories our family will never  forget. 




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