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Traveling to Austria with Kids

Salzburg, Austria…the Land of Music

Mozart Dinner Concert

When I found out we were headed to Salzburg, I knew we had to do something to do with Mozart.  After all, when I think of Salzburg, I think of 2 things; Mozart and The Sound of Music.   My husband and I were traveling with my two oldest kids who at the time were 12 &10.  Both of them have played the piano since they were 7 and are pretty good.  I thought they would LOVE the Mozart dinner. 

I looked on Trip Advisor and found the highest rated Mozart attraction which happened to be the Mozart Concert Dinner.  It was held in the Stiftskeller St Peter which is a 12th century baroque hall, where Mozart himself performed.   The dinner was three courses of traditional Austria food.  It was really good, and my kids and husband all liked it.  The performers, who are trained at the Mozart Music School in Salzburg were amazing.  By the second set, my kids and husband were bored to tears.  They were good sports about it, and let me stay until the end, however, I think they all fell asleep at least once.


Halstatt and the Salt Mines

I purposefully did not book anything for our second day in Salzburg.  I really wanted to do a Sound of Music tour, however, I had a feeling that my kids (and my husband) would be done with music. Unfortunatley, I was right.  So, I gave them the option; Sound of Music tour on bikes or the Halstatt Salz Wetzen Salt Mines.   I held out hope that the bike riding would entice them to do the Sound of Music, but in the end they chose the Salt Mines.   

Halstatt is about a 45 min drive from Salzburg and it is the most beautiful lakeside town.  It is literally like a postcard.  The mine sits high above the town and you need to ride a really steep funicular to get to the entrance of the mine.   It should be noted that I HATE confine spaces.  Mines are not my thing.  Being underground is also not my thing.  I am a pretty brave person, but honestly, mines are on my top 3 list of things I REALLY do not like.   However, I put on my big girl pants and ended up really liking the experience. 

Inside the Salz Wetzen Mine

The inside of the mine itself is really cool, and super interesting.   You learn all about the history of salt in Austria and why it was such an important commodity for so many centuries.   Also, you get to do things like side down the slides that the miners used to get from one level of the mine to the next, as well as ride the miners train.  My boys loved it and as an added bonus, they thought it was so interesting.   When you are done, you get to take a pretty little walk thru the Austrian Alps before taking the funicular back down to town. 


The Town of Halstatt

Once we were done with the mines, we walked across the street and into the town of Halstatt.   Like I mentioned; Halstatt sits beside a lake and its literally one of the most beautiful towns I have every seen . The scenery, natural beauty and the buildings of the town itself are all so picturesque.  We spent a few hours walking through the town, looking in the shops and feeding the swans that live in the lake.  On our way out of town we had the BEST apple strudel at a cute little bakery; Backerei Maislinger Barbara.  If you are ever in Halstatt make sure to visit this amazing little spot.  We had the apple strudel there and then got extra to go.  


My boys, myself all loved our time in Austria.  It was such a great place for families.  We had culture, adventure, history and great food.  To read more about my families’ adventures in Europe check out my other posts here.


Happy Traveling!!








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