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Venice… Top 5

Venice…. Top 5

Its been such a fun week revisiting my trip to Venice and remembering how much I loved my time there.  My top 5 are a few hi-lights of my trip, but honestly its hard to have a favorite in Venice,  the whole place is just amazing!

  1. Getting Lost-  I know that getting lost seems like a weird favorite, but for me it was.  I had read so much before my trip about relaxing, and enjoying the fact its hard to find your way around, that when we were actually lost, I was excited!  I also loved the fact that my Husband was convinced there was not a chance he would lose his way, when he admitted he had no idea where we were, it became even more fun.  I promise you, you will find your way back, and also so much beauty while you look!
  2. Gondolas- They were fun to watch, and even more fun to ride in.   Seriously, so romantic, and just like I always imagined!
  3. Eating- Every time we ate, the food was so good, but the ambiance and the sidewalk tables  were even better! I felt like I was in a movie that I hoped would not end!
  4. Aqua Palace- This hotel was amazing.  The view alone was worth a stay!  No matter where you stay, STAY the NIGHT.  The cruise ships pull out late afternoon and take all the people with them.  It leaves the cobblestone streets nearly empty, and gives your imagination the ability to take over!  This was my favorite time of day and holds my most cherished memories of this city I love. 
  5. Travelers-Don’t be afraid to talk to the people around you.  We chatted with people from all over the world, and loved the stories they told of their travels.  Venice draws so many people to its beauty that you never know who you many meet, and for me that is amazing!

Just one more….

Honorable mention:  Jared and I love to bring  things home from our trips.  My house tells stories.  Each vase, my pictures, and every bookend comes from somewhere I have been.  We spent hours in shops talking to the shop owners, loving their lives in Venice, learning of the city from their point of view, and bringing their masterpieces home with us.

I love Venice.  I hope you do to!





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