Wander With Purpose

The start up of a blog is a lot of work. I have great respect for those in this industry who are successful, and hope to someday feel my writing and information made a difference too.

Lalani and I have spent hours upon hours finding our voices, recognizing our audience, and deciding on a direction. As I researched several blogs and really dove into the travel world I was struck by the term “Wanderer”.

Over and over, I read this term as it was a positive thing to be. The definition of Wanderer as listed in the Webster Dictionary is,

:to move around or go to different places usually without having a particular purpose or direction
:to follow a path with many turns
:to go away from a path, course, etc.

Here is the thing. We do not have time to be Wanderers, We just don’t. We do not have time to Wander aimlessly and hope that memories for our families and friends will just come to pass.

I am a Military Mom. My son joined the Army right out of high school. I am not going to lie when I say that it was not my first choice for his career. In fact I had told him his whole life he could do anything he wanted as a Doctor, Lawyer, or Dentist.

A Paratrooper in the Army Infantry is a long way from any of those options.

I know this post is coming today from a heavy heart. My Son finally has a permanent station location. As he gets settled we are learning of all the trainings, possible deployments, and situations he will encounter during his career as a Soldier.

Days like today are a good reminder that we must live our lives. We cannot wander aimlessly but must dig deep and find the ways to make the things that are important to us happen. I look back on my time with my Son at home, It went way to fast. There are things I regret, and things I know I did well.

One thing I did do right is, my kids know they are loved. I also know that their ability to go out into the world and not be afraid came from some of the Traveling we have done.

My Soldier looks at all the places he will get to go as opportunities to see and do new things. I admire him for his bravery and his willingness to sacrifice for the Country he deeply loves. I also admire his great attitude.

Moms and Dads, We have to remember in the hard moments, it goes so fast!

If you have somewhere you want to go, find a way to make it happen. There are so many resources and ways to travel that if you seek a way to go, you will find one.

Wander with Purpose. Seek out experiences that will enrich your families lives and create memories they wont forget.

As a family when I am talking to my kids about life, we often talk about our families future.

I know that someday I want to be on trips with my kids, their spouses, my grandkids, and any other stragglers we bring along:) My kids know there is a big world to see and that as a family, we can see it.

Where do you see your future? What things are important to you and those you love?

Make a list, make some goals, talk to your family, and find the direction you are headed, so when you wander, you know exactly where you are going.