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Welcome home…

I always, 100% of the time feel relieved, and grateful to be home in the US after an International trip. This trip was no different,  but held some reservations as to what I would experience as I met the United States Customs Agent. Would we be detained for questioning, would we be fined? These were all scenarios being discussed by other passengers at the airport, and nothing I had even considered. I had gone under what I thought was open travel, providing a Visa where I was meeting the requirements. What was all the concern about???

We arrived about 30 minutes late from Cuba into Ft. Lauderdale, and hoped to make our connection home. We knew we needed to process quickly, so we could take the terminal shuttle to the location of our departure flight.

We were first met by a computer where we put in our passports, and received a document to present to the US Customs Agent.  We hopped in the next line, and I mustered every ounce of positive thinking I could.  I prepared in my mind what I would say if I was questioned about my activity in Cuba.

I approached the Customs agent… he asked me where I had been… I stated Cuba… he asked how I liked the food… I answered… and he said “Welcome Home”.

My favorite words ❤️

Go to Cuba Friends, all the Concern I had seems to be manufactured by unclear guidelines on the Internet, but in no way supported by anything I experienced.  

Next Post will dive into my Itinerary with a Top 5 Covering

  1. Hotels,  2. Transportation, 3. Tours, 4. Food, 5. Wifi & Money 




Side Note…  The Picture featured above shows the US Embassy Building in the Background.  The flag poles have one Cuban Flag flying, and the rest once displayed 148 black flags in protest of the US.  The protest flags are down, and the hopes for a better future remain.  This story is fascinating, give the subject a Google Search to learn more:)


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