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Yellowstone National Park… Jen’s Way

Yellowstone National Park in a Day

Yellowstone National Park is a place I have heard from so many people is unbelievably gorgeous, so when I found out we were going to be in Montana, I knew we had to squeeze a day in Yellowstone also.  I was determined to see Old Faithful, and the Hot Springs.  

We drove in through the West Entrance, mid morning, which turned out to be just perfect.  Upon arrival, we were immediately stopped by a herd of  buffalo in the road, and a long line of cars who had pulled over to admire them.  Note:  There is bathroom facilities at the entrance, so having your kids take a potty break is a good idea!  There can also be lines of cars as visitors wait for animal residents to cross the roads. Prepare accordingly with your time.

We casually made our way towards Old Faithful paying careful attention to its schedule of eruptions so we would be sure to see it. We passed several hot springs along the way, and looked out the windows, but decided to actually stop on the way back through.  

Our arrival at Old Faithful, landed us there just minutes after it erupted, but worked out great because we scored a front parking lot spot!  We spent the extra time waiting for the next eruption, grabbing snacks, buying a few souvenirs, and getting a prime spot for viewing and taking pictures of the Geyser.

If you have the time to stay, I recommend staying at the Old Faithful Inn.  We were flying out the next morning, and didn’t want to risk missing our flight due to any traffic delays, but this Inn was set in such a beautiful location my heart ached to stay there.  It sells out months in advance so you definitely have to prepare to get a room here.  

After our time at Old Faithful, we set out to see the Hot Springs, and get some amazing pictures.  Luckily the rain came, and although this may seem like a bad thing, was actually quite magnificent.  The crowds dispersed, so me, my weather proof gear, my umbrella, and my camera  had open viewing to some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen.

The Hot Springs really were incredible.  The steam coming from the earth reminded me just how magnificent our planet is, and how much there really is going on.  It closed the gap between the inner part of our earth and the surface, with its amazing display of steam.  I was completely in awe of the colors and heat that could been seen, and felt in the area.

We spent a few hours at the different stops along the way, and then headed toward the North Entrance to exit, and see some more of the park on our way out, as well as Mammoth Hot Springs.

We stopped in Gardiner to eat, which is a town situated at the North Entrance and the only Entrance open year round.  We had good intentions to eat and then continue our drive into Bozeman to fly home.  The failure in this plan was the unanticipated wait times at the restaurants.  Everywhere we checked had over 2 hour waits.  It was 7 PM at this point and we were starving!!!  We decided to just keep driving and find something along the way.

The thing with Montana is, there is NOT a lot of places along the way to anywhere, and the places that are there, close early.  We were fortunate enough to find a pizza place off of our gluten free app, that had barely closed, and opened its doors to cook us a pizza.  We ate it in the car, with grateful Stomachs!!

Our day in Yellowstone was perfect for my family.  We are not huge campers, or hikers but knew we wanted to see this Park one time.  Yellowstone really does have so much to offer, and Lalani will tell you her version of how to see Yellowstone later in the week.   For me though, one day  was perfect!

Trip Notes.

  1. Plan your eating schedule.  Everything is packed and closes early!
  2. Get a map, and watch the Geyser schedules, it will make your day successful from the start
  3. Don’t be in a hurry.  Animals and tourists can create delays in your day, but its all part of the experience
  4. Bring rain gear, the weather is unpredictable 
  5. Have fun, our Earth is truly Amazing ❤️





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