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Yellowstone Top 5 Favorites

Yellowstone Top 5 Favorties

Jen & Lalani both love Yellowstone National Park.  Here is a compilation of their favorites….

1. Visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone

My kids love coming to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. It is such a cool spot, and you get up close and personal to all of the animals that live in Yellowstone. We spent about half a day here at the beginning of our trip. It was a great way to get them excited about what they had the potential of seeing in the park. Then once we got to Yellowstone, the knew what to look for.

2. Lake Lodge Cabins on Yellowstone Lake

This is another favorite of ours in Yellowstone.  The Lake Lodge Cabins are such a great spot to stay. They have individual cabins, and it sits right on Yellowstone Lake. During the summer, they have events for kids like a Fourth of July Parade and Jr. Ranger Programs. My kids all love getting their Jr. Ranger Badge when they visit National Parks. We always try to pick up the packet on our first day, and then work on it throughout the trip. It keeps them interested and engaged during our stay. Plus, they like to look at their collection of badges and think back to their time in each park.

3. Hike the Fairy Falls Trail

Fairy Falls Trail is a great 5.5 mile day hike in Yellowstone. It is a flat, well groomed trail with little elevation change. I would classify it as an easy to moderate hike. The only reason it would be moderate is due to the mileage. I always love hiking in the National Parks. It is such a great way to get off the beaten path, and really see the park. Yellowstone can get really crowded in the summer, but surprisingly, the trails are usually not too bad. It allows you to really experience Yellowstone.

4. Old Faithful

You cannot visit Yellowstone, and not see Old Faithful.  Old Faithful is a highly predictable Cone Geyser that erupts every 45 to 125 minutes.  It is a main attraction at Yellowstone. so be sure to plan for a crowd.  Parking is plentiful, but can be quite a walk if you don’t time it correctly.  We arrived right after an eruption so we benefitted from lots of up close parking and front row seats. Don’t forget, when you arrive at the park,  to get  a schedule of the predicted eruption times for that day, from the front gate.  You can also check the link Click Here.

Old Faithful is a show like no other.  I am so glad we took the time to make sure we saw the eruption, and experience  the Earths performance for ourselves.

5. Grand Prismatic Spring

This is worth an entire day of traveling to see! The colors are AMAZING, and the ability to see the steam coming directly from the earth is magical.  I cannot even begin to describe the beauty.  You must go and see it!

Lalani and I, both love Yellowstone.  She will spend days on the trails enjoying all Yellowstone has to offer, and I will spend a day seeing everything I can pack in that will last a lifetime.  The Earth on which we live is truly a Heavenly Creation, and Yellowstone is a large example of just how powerful our planet is.  If it is on your list of places to go, keep it there, if it’s not on your list, add it.  You will not be sad you did!  


Jen & Lalani


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